Natural Shilajit Resin

100% Plant-based ionic minerals that help you feel great everyday

Supports stamina and
energy level cleanse
Promotes a feeling
of rejuvenation
Detox and
remove toxins
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Natural Shilajit
Shilajit Caps
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Do you feel any of this?

Look how Natural
Shilajit can help you

Increases Energy
and Stamina

Shilajit possesses a powerful rejuvenating effect which makes the body stronger and healthier. Several centuries ago, Shilajit was usually taken with pure milk to boost energy and spiritual powers.

Rich in Vitamins
and Minerals

Many studies have shown that Shilajit resin is rich in active ingredients such as dibenzo alpha pyrones (DBPs), fulvic acid, humic acid, trace minerals, phospholipids, polyphenol complexes (terpenoids) and Vit A, Vit B complex, Vit C and P (citrines).

Nature’s Best
Desire Enhancer

Widely recommended as nature’s best desire enhancer solution for men and women. Revitalizing body cells, improving heart function, enhancing digestion, endurance power are major health benefits of Shilajit.

Naturally Detox
Your Body

One of the main active ingredients in Shilajit resin is Fulvic Acid which is very effective in neutralization and detoxification of harmful compounds (toxins) and pollutants such as heavy metal i.e. lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg).

Anxiety and Mood

It’s the first thing you'll notice when you'll start taking Shilajit. After the first week, your mood will rapidly improve. A few days in you'll feel the edge coming off your anxiety but over time the effect will build up to the point where you rarely get anxious anymore.

Natural Shilajit Resin
the Anti-Aging Agent

About 95% of the body’s cellular energy is produced in the mitochondria, which substantially reduces as we grow up. Reseach has shown that Shilajit alone can stabilize, activate and revitalize coenzyme Q10, increasing the availability of the compound in order to boost energy production in the mitochondria.

Shilajit Resin Benefits:

On average, your productivity level will rise by 39%. You will start doing more things in a short time.
Your mood will improve by an average of 34%. You will start to feel less nervous and anxious.
You will be more focused by about 26%. You will be less distracted by extraneous things and better cope with tasks.
Thanks to Shilajit Racing, you will become more energetic by an average of 23%. Improve your emotional state, get rid of apathy and depression.
Quality of Sleep
You will get rid of insomnia, and the quality of your sleep will improve by 19%. You will get better sleep, sleep will be of better quality and in the morning you will be in a great mood.

Our Most Recent
Certificate of Analysis
and Microbiology Lab

Our Shilajit is tested in independent labs to make sure contaminants like PCB’s, furans, heavy metals and dioxins are below the limits defined by European Union and California Proposition 65.

Our product, Natural Shilajit, does not exceed California Prop 65 limits for safety, the strictest limits on earth. It’s even far more strict than Federal limits. However, vegetables and fruits are exempt from Prop 65 since they can’t possibly pass. Our Shilajit Resin is very safe.

What do the
experts say?

“Shilajit is a mineral-rich superfood containing fulvic and humic acid, which helps your gut to absorb nutrients from the food.

A lot of people are nutrient deficient and don't know about it.”

Debbie Williams – Nutritionist,
Health and Wellness coach

How Shilajit Resin Works?

Shilajit is popularly referred to as the “Destroyer of Weaknesses”. This resin has a wide array of therapeutic benefits and is used all around the world as a panacea for almost every health problem.

It is very rich in many nutrients such as humic acid and fulvic acid as well as many other micronutrients. Fulvic acid, is an integral carrier molecule of bioactive substances in several transport systems, while Humic acid helps improve physical and mental health.

In recent years, scientists have found small amounts of Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones (DBPs) in Shilajit. DBP is an important biomolecule that helps restore and maintain the normal functioning of the mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse), thus boosts energy (ATP) production.

Shilajit resin is also rich in trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium which also contribute significantly to your healthy lifestyle.

Shilajit Customer Reviews

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Shilajit Dosage, Shilajit Benefits and Other Questions
How is Natural Shilajit Resin purified and extracted?

We follow the traditional Ayurvedic method of purification –raw Shilajit are washed thoroughly in water and then filtered to get rid of water-insoluble impurities. The filtrate is heated under direct sunlight to concentrate it. The creamy layer formed during heating is skimmed 3-4 times to obtain pure natural Shilajit.

This process is the only one that can bring out the most bioactive components of Shilajit resin. Proper extraction is important, as well, to ensure a consistent high concentration of active ingredients.

How many servings does 20 grams make?

The jar contains 200 minimum 100 mg servings. Realistically the jar will last around 1-2 months as most people will take anywhere from 250-500 mg daily. If you weight under 110lb, 100 mg serving will suffice, if you are over 110 lb, 250-500 will be your dose

What is the daily dose for Natural Shilajit Resin?

Though the right dosage of Shilajit to be taken per day is not yet established, there is a recommended daily amount of metals that is considered safe according to US Department of Health and California Prop 65. In accordance with the stipulated amount, you should take approximately 250 milligrams of Shilajit resin per serving. However, the rules are not enforced by the FDA as many grocery foods do not follow them. In addition, veggies and fruits are exempted from these regulations since they cannot pass them. Regarding how often you should take Shilajit, we recommend taking it once or twice per day for about 4-5 days in a week. We also suggest rotating it and taking a 4-month break after every month.

In some cases such as internal problems or bone injury, you may take Shilajit 2 to 3 times daily and 7 days per week, but its use should not exceed 30 days straight as well. We suggest cycle usage because the body's immune system may reduce the potency of Shilajit resin if it’s taken excessively, which is also true for many herbal supplements. Moreover, there is no need to take Shilajit if you are hale and healthy or don't practice any mental or physical workout. Shilajit resin is traditionally used to accelerate recovery from different health issues and usually only by old people, sherpas, and yogis.

How long will it take to work?

A lot of people report increased stamina and energy levels within ten days. To enjoy maximum benefits, take 1-3 portions of Shilajit resin per day for a period of 6-8 weeks.

How to test if Shilajit resin pure and authentic?

Nowadays, there are laboratories that can standardize and check the various compositions of Shilajit from one batch to the other. Research has shown that the composition of Shilajit resin sourced from different mountain ranges produces some certain similar compounds. The exact amount is determined by the flora in and around the mountain ranges from which the resin is collected. However, fulvic acid, humic acids and other bioactive molecules are commonly found in Shilajit and their actual quantities can be determined. Classically, some certain methods of checking the purity of Shilajit are explained in Ayurvedic literature.

  • If a little pure Shilajit is put on a charcoal ember, it takes an elongated oval shape or the shape of a linga.
  • Pure Shilajit won’t smoke when put on a hot charcoal ember.
  • When in water, a grain of Shilajit will dissolve completely and sediment at the bottom.
  • Pure Shilajit possesses a characteristic smell like that of cow’s urine. While it is like resin or can be hard, Shilajit softens when you rub a small portion between your fingertips. It is smooth to touch and lightweight.

Shilajit Dosage, Shilajit Benefits
and Other Questions

Watch this video to understand how Shilajit can help you

Watch this video to understand
how Shilajit can help you

Customers Report on Their Experiences
with Natural Shilajit Resin

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Cleanse, Detox and
Remove Toxins
85+ Minerals, 7% Fulvic
Acid, 10% Humic Acid
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