About Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit Founder

My name is Andrey and I am the blessed founder of Natural Shilajit. When I started this company back in December 2014, I never imagined that this hidden health gem from the mountains of my home country in Russia would turn into my life’s purpose. I never fathomed that this Ayurvedic product could turn into my passion of providing others with the active nutrients they need in order to live life at its fullest, healthiest, and happiest.

Growing up in Russia, Shilajit was a regular part my family’s wellness regimen since I can remember. When I visited California for the first time as a young adult, to my surprise Shilajit was nowhere to be found. I visited numerous health food stores, asked the most health conscious people I could find, and came up completely empty handed! I was shocked that this progressive community was missing such a fundamental product in their holistic lifestyle. Right then and there is when I made it my mission to provide the world with this missing ingredient to their health and wellness plans.

In the beginning years of creating the business, I was fueled by my strong desire to provide others with access to the healthy nutrients I believed in wholeheartedly.

Through the years of personally witnessing the multitude of benefits Natural Shilajit has had on others, I began to realize the huge effects the business has had on me. This business has provided me with life-changing gifts and unparalleled opportunities: I have been able to find my true self and my purpose, surround myself with health conscious people who inspire me daily, and step into a whole new place of self-love and acceptance. For this, and the many more reasons I could name, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this sacred process.

Through the natural benefits of Natural Shilajit, now my goal is to provide every family in the world with the ability to live their lives as healthy as possible.

I aim to deliver the knowledge and benefits of the product far and wide. I aim to share the countless success stories as evidence and motivation that you too are worthy of being the healthiest you yet. If I can do it, you can do it!

It is with my utmost excitement to announce that our talented and conscious Shilajit team is growing faster than ever before! No matter the level of demand that will come, I commit to each member of the Shilajit team being fully dedicated to maintaining their own optimal health and making a difference in the health of the people around them. In order to uphold this brand integrity throughout every team member, you have my promise that every person behind the product is aligned with this health and wellness vision 100%.

I love you Shilajit Family. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to spreading health and wellness like wildfire.

Love, Peace and Shilajit.