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The western world has a unique take on the culture surrounding yoga. It was popularized largely by ParamahansaYogananda, who was an advanced yogi from India. The translation of yoga from Sanskrit is “union,” and ananda’s translation is “bliss,” so his name roughly translates to “bliss through union with God/self.” Over the years, many eastern yogis have denounced our western-stylized take on yoga as a spiritual practice. It is viewed as a culture of ego, competition, and vanity. However, many of us use the practice to train our minds and bodies to synchronize with our breath and find stillness. As we cycle through asanas, we find focus and build endurance and strength as we meditate. Yoga without meditation is still beneficial, but many find it lacks something.

Natural Shilajit resin is an excellent method for taking your yoga to the next level, whether your goals are fitness-driven or spiritual. Many clients have been involved in yoga with and without shilajit and have seen an incredible difference in their practice when consuming shilajit resin before each class.

With shilajit resin, yogis experience increased endurance as well as intense commitment to each and every asana. They are able to hold their poses longer and go deeper; their breathing remains calm, consistent and controlled while others struggle. They experience intense rushes of oxygen and blood throughout the body and restored energy like they’ve never before felt. Even emotionally, they are able to access and process things that weren’t accessible to them before. They describe feeling awake and alive like never before, and they are hyper-aware that shilajit has accelerated their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual progress.

Physically demanding activities like yoga often lead to microtears and mirofractures in the body’s tissues, bones and muscles. These small injuries are likely because we are stretching beyond our normal bounds. However, it’s best to strengthen ourselves to prevent these injuries instead of waiting until we need a cure. The best preventative measure we can take is consuming Natural Shilajit resin before each practice. This will give us the minerals we need to speed the healing process (which will reduce soreness) while also helping us build more muscle tone and mass. Most importantly, it helps to prevent injuries from occurring.

Ayurvedic medicine, yoga’s sister science, uses shilajit heavily

Natural Shilajit resin is of better quality and purity than any other shilajit on the market, so it acts as the best facilitator for a well-rounded yoga practice and healthy lifestyle. It allows users to tackle major physiological problems with a wholesome approach. Reclaim your health from big pharmaceutical companies by turning to shilajit.

Natural Shilajit resin is a one-of-a-kind, active extract.

In Ayurveda and Eastern European medicine, it is regarded as food for its wonderful healing qualities. We use the most innovative American technology in order to formulate a top-quality product. The patent-pending processes used in our lab yield an extract that is notable higher in quality than traditionally made Shilajit or Moomiyo. Natural Shilajit resin offers the health benefits of traditional high-end concentrations combined with new ones, which doesn’t yet exist in other shilajit products. Please browse our site to read about more benefits to find out what shilajit can do for you. Our health guidance alone is of great value, and we hope you learn how to improve your health by reading our site.

Trying Natural Shilajit resin means discovering an even better version of yourself.

Our extract offers the combined benefits of genuine mumie as well as shilajit, which is not currently available in the concentrations on the market. Science and nature come together to offer a whole world of benefits.

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