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If you're reading this, you might have already experienced how powerful Natural Shilajit is for regenerating bones and soft tissues. You might have injured yourself lately, and maybe a friend let you know that it's a great idea to try shilajit. It's also possible that you are a scientist doing research in order to understand the validity of our statements. 

We realize that the devil is in the details. This article attempts to shed light on these details. 

Soviet orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adil Shakirov is the one whose medical research and second-level dissertation linked tissue regeneration to mineral pitch. The hierarchy of Soviet science is very complicated, but there are a few key points to be aware of. The "Candidate of Sciences" degree was the first-doctorate award. The second is considered much higher and is called "Doctor of Sciences." The award for innovation or optimization in one industry or branch is the "candidate of sciences." For substantial discoveries within a branch, people received the "Doctor of Sciences." This Soviet standard is much more rigorous than our Master’s or Ph.D. programs in the US, so it's difficult to draw many parallels. 

In 1967, a man was defending his "Doctor of sciences" title in front of lots of medical PhDs, and he was a seasoned surgeon. He has titled his doctoral thesis, "Mumiyo-asil in a comprehensive treatment of bone fractures (experimental and clinical research)." Many wonder what ‘mumiyo-asil’ means. Mumiyo is just another name for natural pitch resin, also known as shilajit. Asil means pure, genuine, or original. The translations are a bit complex. Dr. Shakirov did a lot of practicing in Uzbekistan, where the language has a strong Arabic influence. Asil is an Arabic word. 

Studying 137 animals and 165 patients, Dr. Shakirov analyzed the impact of the mineral pitch.

This is how he proved that consuming shilajit will speed up bone regeneration.

When a patient consumed the mineral pitch after experiencing a fracture, they saw improved mineral deposition at the fracture site as well as better blood profiles and overall health.

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After Dr. Shakirov completed this initial research into the holistic application of mineral pitch, he gained many Soviet researchers following his ideas and showing that shilajit can help those with trauma like fractures, tears, and other injuries. It is worth noting that Soviet doctors never used shilajit alone, even though it was thoroughly researched. The mineral pitch was simply a holistic addition to their conventional treatment. In a similar way to modern western medicine, Soviet medicine does not quite consider holistic methods to be trustworthy. They were used to bolster health but were highly scrutinized and not really used to treat.

Broken Bones and Torn Muscles [Natural Shilajit]

Be cautious when buying shilajit. It is unhelpful to rush out and buy the quick fix Mumiyo. The most counterfeited supplement in the world is shilajit. Since the demand for it is so high and it is notorious in Ayurvedic medicine, only 1% of the shilajit on the market is genuine. We have more information about imitations elsewhere on the site. 

Dr. Shakirov used a "sifted" mineral pitch concocted by doctors and chemists following rigid scientific standards. When substandard substances come into play, there is a huge loss of reputation and possible legal consequences. In scientific research, it was always properly prepared and screened. 

These days, the quality standards in Russia and India are, unfortunately, very low. Since most shilajit appears the same, it is impossible for the average consumer to differentiate between genuine and fake products. In general, choosing to purchase from an unreputable company means you will probably get a cheap knockoff. See our questionnaire to help you determine what is real. 

Is Natural Shilajit Different?

Yes, it differs hugely from all other mineral pitches on the current market. Its invention and development required a lot of time and effort. We used Dr. Shakirov's high standards as a guideline. It is easy for us to see how other companies go about manufacturing, whether for high quality or fake shilajit. Our goal is always to be the best and most powerful on the market and even to outperform Dr. Shakirov's substances. Natural Shilajit offers proof of our patent application here online.

Broken Bones and Torn Muscles [Natural Shilajit]

As a result, our shilajit offers everything it could offer and even more. Natural Shilajit exhibits benefits that other Mumiyo does not. We also stay safe by importing legally, using excellent manufacturing practices, and filing all FDA prior notices. We invite anyone to view our certificate of analysis here on our website. We hope to keep our clients away from counterfeit products. One way we do so is by including a unique serial number for each jar. 

Natural Shilajit is a one-of-a-kind, active extract. In Ayurveda and Eastern European medicine, it is regarded as food for its wonderful healing qualities. We use the most innovative American technology in order to formulate a top-quality product. The patent-pending processes used in our lab yield an extract that is notable higher in quality than traditionally made Shilajit or Moomiyo. Natural Shilajit offers the health benefits of traditional high-end concentrations combined with new ones, which don’t yet exist in other shilajit products. Please browse our site to read about more benefits to find out what shilajit can do for you. Our health guidance alone is of great value, and we hope you learn how to improve your health by reading our site.

Trying Natural Shilajit means discovering an even better version of yourself.

Our extract offers the combined benefits of genuine mumiyo as well as shilajit, which is not currently available in the concentrations on the market. Science and nature come together to offer a whole world of benefits.

Take advantage of its numerous benefits today!
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