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Natural Shilajit resin has become extremely popular these days. No surprise there are lots of fakes on the US market. How to be sure you are making the right choice? And what are the ways to check shilajit purity?

Due to its growing popularity, shilajit products became more and more common among those who decided to try medicine. These days the supply is high. However, the resin is not so easy to restoking — nature never works because of human will. That is why there are lots of different shilajit the market offers — powder, capsule, tincture, resin. Those might be quality ones, but you may easily face fakes.

The resin concentrate in the first three forms is lower, and it also includes lots of side products that are, to say the least, questionable. In comparison, the resin contains only shilajit and no additives. That is why it is the only form that allows assessing the quality of the product at home without special labs.

Moreover, since the shilajit resin has a long and rich history — almost three thousand years of use in Ayurveda — its stocks are consistently decreasing. It is especially true for Himalayan shilajit, so lots of fakes are coming from India and Pakistan. There is a need to explore new natural deposits and the best sources of shilajit production. Yes, it takes time but the healing results of the best remedy are totally worth time and money.


The Altai Mountains — Place Where Natural Shilajit is Born

One of those untouched places is the sacred Altai Mountains —  the system of ridges located on the territory of several states of Eurasia: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. Sportive mountain rivers, crystal clear lakes, raging waterfalls, endless coniferous forests, and alpine meadows — the bounty of Altai nature fascinates and conquers forever. The Altai region is unique for its rich flora and fauna. In a relatively small area of the region, almost all types of vegetation grow in Asia, Kazakhstan, and the European part of Russia. Taiga, steppe, mountain tundra, and alpine meadows are located at different heights of the Altai mountains. In such a fertile environment, the biogenic composition of a unique substance is formed. Under the influence of life-giving ultraviolet radiation, it flows into the caves and accumulates under the steep arches in the form of crusts, icicles, and leaks.

Physical Characteristics of Shilajit Resin

To begin with, it is necessary to at least read the description of this substance since very few people know what a real shilajit looks like at all and, therefore, can be easily misled. Let us remember that a properly purified substance has distinctive characteristics by which it is possible to determine a fake:

  • the color of the natural product may vary depending on the type: it can be golden or red gamma, blue or dark brown shade;
  • a natural product always has a smooth and shiny surface;
  • the resin has a bitter taste and a specific flavor with notes of amber, resinous juniper, bitter wormwood, and wild garlic;
  • the resin dissolves in water and easily becomes soft.

Those are the features you may identify by the first sign. Although for clever fakes, you might need slightly more time to be sure you are using a quality product. Here are four tests to check the resin you are using for purity (and the seller for fairness):

how to check shilajit purity

The Resin is Pliant

Natural shilajit softens very quickly and almost melts in your hands. If it happened with your resin — this is a good sign! However,  in order to determine the quality of the resin with greater accuracy, there are a few more manipulations to take.

Shilajit is Soluble

Dissolve shilajit in water and spill through cheesecloth. Quality shilajit is soluble in water completely and without sediment. Now put the neck of any container with thick cheesecloth and pour the solution into it. Contaminated shilajit leaves small inclusions and debris on the gauze, while a  good one only colors it in iodine.

Any Sediments?

The third way is to add vinegar to the shilajit solution. If the solution is made from high-quality raw materials, it will almost instantly brighten, and after a minute or two, you will be able to see well-defined sediment at the bottom of the tank. Such a reaction means that your shilajit coped successfully with the third stage of the test.

Vegetable Oil Test

Try to dissolve the shilajit in vegetable oil. If you have failed, this is proof that you have a quality product. With all diligence, mixing, shaking, and shaking capacity, you can never dissolve a quality resin in vegetable oil.

best brand of shilajit

Why Do You Always Have to Test Shilajit Products?

Shilajit is a panacea, given by nature itself almost in finished form. The ability to determine its quality in order to avoid mistakes or deception has long been essential. In addition, samples may be contaminated with substances of mineral, vegetable, or animal origin, impairing the properties of the drug.

The healing effect of shilajit significantly depends on the quality of raw materials and processing technology, which can be monitored by X-ray, spectral, biochemical analysis, and other modern methods, as a rule, inaccessible to the consumer. Therefore, the quality of the shilajit should be controlled by the manufacturer and guaranteed by them.

Why Choose Our Natural Shilajit Products?

We never find the easiest way to produce shilajit products. We pay much attention to the purifying process, and we are exploring the new place of shilajit origin — the Altai Region. Moreover, all products are tested in independent labs to make sure contaminants like PCBs, furans, heavy metals, and dioxins are below the limits defined by European Union and California Proposition 65. Our products do not exceed California Prop 65 limits for safety, the strictest limits on earth. It’s even far more strict than Federal limits. However, vegetables and fruits are exempt from Prop 65 since they can’t possibly pass. Our Shilajit Resin is very safe. Here you may learn about the whole process, from extraction to packaging.

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Why Else Choose Us?

  • The first Altai Shilajit on the US market, the most trusted and reputable
  • Our shilajit is tested for safety by USA Third Party, FDA registered, cGMP certified by an independent laboratory
  • Our products meet FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices, and packaging meets hospital packaging standards
  • We offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date, if you are not fully satisfied, no questions asked.

Contact us if you have any questions concerning the quality of our products, leave us your feedback — this is how we make our products better.

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