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Clean Human = Live Water + Natural Shilajit

by Andrey K 30 May 2022

Always make sure you are dissolving your Natural Shilajit in very clean, purified water. It can be problematic to combine humic acids with inorganic chlorine and fluoride salts. Ideally,

The best health benefits come from mixing high-quality shilajit with clean spring water.

Natural Shilajit is purer and more powerful than any other shilajit and mumiyo on the market. We want our consumers to stay informed about their health, so we will be explaining why the cleanest possible water is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. It is helpful for anyone to know how to locate natural springs, how to test the water to make sure it is safe, and how to store it. 

We realized that we have gone in-depth about a variety of health topics and have somehow skipped over one of the most important aspects: drinking plenty of clean water. In our experience, this seems to be one of the most frequently overlooked aspects. Even nutritionists will assess people’s diets and come up with long lists of things that should change while totally ignoring the fundamental idea of hydration.

Clean Human equal Live Water plus Natural Shilajit

How difficult it is to track down clean water obviously depends on your geographic location. As an example, many people in Southern California don’t even know that 90% of SoCal’s water is imported. Some of it comes from Northern California, utilizing a process involving some of the world’s largest pumps. The majority of it comes from the Colorado River. Problematically, the stream that makes this journey makes its way over 250 major urban wastewater outpours. This means that 250 huge cities are dumping their filtered waste into the Colorado River on its way to San Diego. Therefore, the water requires large amounts of chlorine in order to be remotely drinkable. Did you know that chlorine does not exist in nature in its free elemental form because it is an extremely reactive molecule?

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Another big and controversial issue is called fluoridation. Many people think that water containing fluoride will help to prevent cavities and tooth decay. This is highly debatable, but either way, we do know that fluoride is a cumulative poison. It is known to be a toxic bi-product of phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizer, and aluminum industries. It was historically discarded into our air and water until the 1930s when people began to notice that they were sick from fluoride poisons and began to initiate lawsuits. When this occurred, it was decided that public opinion about fluoride needed to change. They did not want to pay millions of dollars to dispose of it, so instead, they started to sell it to toothpaste and municipal water companies. There was one myth circulating in 1984 that a toothpaste manufacturer even admitted that there was enough fluoride in one tube of toothpaste to kill a child. Plenty of literature discusses the theory that fluoride might even calcify the pineal gland, which would dim one’s higher cognitive abilities and intuition. Fortunately, we hypothesize that taking a healthy dose of Natural Shilajit regularly will allow for the gland to completely decalcify.

Clean Human equal Live Water plus Natural Shilajit

We hear of many people drinking filtered or reverse osmosis water, thinking that it has been somehow “cleaned.” However, the reality is that this water is basically dead. It has lost many of its precious minerals, which contribute to the hydrating and healing benefits it offers. Its pH is around 4, which encourages growth within the body of unfriendly bacteria.

The main idea behind taking in shilajit is to strengthen and rejuvenate the whole body and the mind. We know that human beings are made up of 50-60% water by weight, on average. If you don’t have the available requirements for reconstruction, you defeat the purpose of taking Natural Shilajit in the first place. You need to take in living spring water. This is an unchanged and unpolluted version of H2O that usually requires an extremely long but all-natural filtration process that involves the rocks and sediments in the Earth’s crust. The drinker will benefit from the transfer of spring water’s vitality and vibrancy. Theoretically, Natural Shilajit’s fulvic compounds further enhance the uptake and utilization of the water’s minerals. It may also be easier for living water and nutrition to enter the body due to cell membrane permeability.

Take advantage of its numerous benefits today!
Get Your Shilajit Today!

At the end of the day, water is a truly fascinating substance responsible for so much energy. We should take that power seriously and be sure that the quantity and quality of our water are at their very best. 

Natural Shilajit is a one-of-a-kind, active extract. In Ayurveda and Eastern European medicine, it is regarded as food for its wonderful healing qualities. We use the most innovative American technology in order to formulate a top-quality product. The patent-pending processes used in our lab yield an extract that is notable higher in quality than traditionally made shilajit or mumiyo.

Natural Shilajit offers the health benefits of traditional high-end concentrations combined with new ones, which don’t yet exist in other shilajit products.

Please browse our site to read about more benefits to find out what shilajit can do for you. Our health guidance alone is of great value, and we hope you learn how to improve your health by reading our site. Trying Natural Shilajit means discovering an even better version of yourself. Our extract offers the combined benefits of genuine mumiyo as well as shilajit, which is not currently available in the concentrations on the market.

Science and nature come together to offer a whole world of benefits.


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