What we know as Shilajit, Shilajeet, Mumie or Mumijo is the result of the compression of these antediluvian rain forests: a black tar-like material, one of the densest and most complex substances known to man. Because Shilajit has undergone thousands of processes of photosynthesis (conversion of solar energy), stored within it is unparalleled amounts active sun energy, and this amazing source of vitality is now available to everyone.

Natural Shilajit Resin – The World’s Best Sources of Electrolytes

The abundant Fulvic Acid in Shilajit resin is believed to be therapeutic in many ways.

The world's best sources of electrolytes, which are essential for your well being. Shilajit resin strongly detoxifies heavy metals with it's dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, and is thought to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, to help eliminate ulcers, to have an anti-anxiety effect, to be anti-aging and an aphrodisiac, and to have what is called a nootropic effect, meaning it helps the brain function optimally.

Natural Shilajit Resin – The World’s Best Sources of Electrolytes

It also is reputed to be a strong antioxidant, purify the blood and help build red blood cells, improve digestion, energize the body and mind, help move trace minerals into bones, teeth and muscles,balance blood-sugar levels, which is essential for your overall health and wonderful for helping diabetes. Shilajit resin is a supreme all around tonic. In the system of ancient Ayurvedic medicine, it is said that there is not one ailment on the planet that can't be healed with the aid of Shilajit resin! Consuming Shilajit resin is a sure way to harness the full potential of the Sun and Earth!

Shilajeet, Mumie or Mumijo is a versatile, naturally occurring biological regulator.

Natural Shilajit Resin – The World’s Best Sources of Electrolytes

Possessing a wide spectrum of health uses. It exerts a favorable effect on metabolic processes and on the human immune system, restoring decreased functions of the body. Mumijo is a unique biologically-active substance with striking healing effects and protective influence on the human body. It long been used in Asian and Russian traditional medicine, and is still used today for medical purposes. Mumio has a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity. But, despite decades of impressive research results, official medicine is familiar with it only as food additive.

It is also used as a general strengthening and tonic remedy. Mumie possesses moderately significant anti-swelling activity. It also contains substances which stimulate the immune system (adaptogens). Shilajit has not been found to show side effects. A unique Shilajit resin in combination with dozens of minerals; six amino-acids; vitamins A, B , C and P (citrins), natural steroids, terpiniods, phospholipids and polyphenol complexes. Shilajeet contains trace and macro-elements (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, iron, sodium, potassium,magnesium, and others).

Natural Shilajit Resin – The World’s Best Sources of Electrolytes

Shilajeet, Mumie or Mumijo possesses high immuno-modulating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Which permits its successful usage for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and conditions. This effect is a result of stimulating the body's natural regenerative and protective processes. In contrast to antibiotics, Mumijo has a broad spectrum of action and does not cause allergic reactions or toxic damage. Shilajit reduces the body's susceptibility to flues and viral infections. Since Shilajeet causes a faster regeneration process of nerve cells, cardiac muscles and other tissues, it is very helpful in cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and in places with high levels of environmental pollution. It raises the liver's ability to detoxify the organism. It has also shown to help blood vessel clogging problems.

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