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What is Natural Shilajit: Origin, Benefits, and Use

by Tanya Kono 30 May 2022

Modern life is draining our energy and making us constantly do more to be competitive, professionally valuable, and updated on the latest news. That is how the modern pace “rewards” us with chronic fatigue, 24-hour jobs, and frustrating FOMO. Thus, people are in search of a new remedy for XXI-century life. It seems that people are more and more turning to nature: we appreciate products, avoid synthetic vitamins, care more about ecology, and consume consciously.  In the wake of the “plant-based trend”, there is a turn to traditions, including the use of natural medicines and supplements.  Natural Shilajit is just one of these traditions, but a prominent one.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is an organo-mineral product of natural origin characterized by complex chemical composition. It is found in niches of mountains where shilajit forms as a crust of dark color resin-like consistency.

The substance has a rich history which started almost 3000 years ago. Shilajit can be found in various parts of the world: South Asia, South America, as well as East Africa. In Russia, natural shilajit is extracted from the Altai Mountains or the North Caucasus. Of course, the resin has many names besides shilajit, salajeet, or shilaajeet:

  • the Greeks named it “ozokerite
  • in the Altai it is called “mumiyo
  • in Burma —  “chao-tui
  • in Tibet — ”brag zhun

Ancient East healers used shilajit to treat fractures and dislocations, polio and migraines, epilepsy and poisoning, stomach ulcers, and tuberculosis. Even these days, shilajit is an essential part of folk medicine in Central Asia, Tibet, and India.

“Shilajit sharpens feelings, strengthens a stomach, makes breathing easier, and presents as the most advanced of the complex drugs to ever exist”, — said Avicenna, Persian philosopher and physician, back in the IV century BC.

Currently, a more reliable and proven indicator of shilajit appearance is a set of geological and biological processes. When favorable conditions occur, including the necessary temperature, humidity conditions, and a fertile environment,  shilajit is produced naturally.

What is Natural Shilajit: Origin, Benefits and Use

Why Is Shilajit  So Valuable?

Overall, the natural resin may enhance regenerative processes, have anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, and restorative effects, stimulate immunity and carry out a number of protective functions. It became possible because of a unique combination of biologically active and mineral substances, trace elements, vitamins, essential oils, and other compounds —  about 85 in total!

Natural shilajit includes a great number of elements: phosphorus, chromium, iron, silver, gold, cobalt, nickel, zinc, silicon, etc. It is especially rich in calcium, magnesium, and copper. The resin contains about 30 macro-and microelements, as well as 10 different metal oxides, 6 amino acids, essential oils, and a number of vitamins — B12, P-617, B, etc.

It is mostly valued for humic acid, which also includes fulvic acid, and has an exciting ability to remove toxins from the body. These are electrolytes that easily attach to minerals, making them digestible for living organisms. It makes acids powerful antioxidants that trap free radicals, which damage DNA molecules and accelerate aging.

How Does Raw Resin Turn Into Pure Shilajit?

In its untreated form, natural shilajit is a heterogeneous resin-like substance of dark brown or brown-black color, with a grainy, shiny, or matte surface, containing various inclusions of plant, mineral, or animal origins such as seeds, sand, parts of plants, small fragments of rocks, insect shells, and mummified animal waste products.

We carefully process the raw substance extracted from the Altai Mountains by applying the latest technologies. All sorts of ballast substances are removed by water extraction, centrifugation, and filtration. The purified resin is a thick homogeneous mass of dark brown or black color having a shiny, smooth surface, bitter taste, and a specific spicy smell. It completely dissolves in water and poorly in alcohol. This is how the raw substance turns into high-quality natural shilajit ready to use for therapeutic and cosmetic use.

What is Natural Shilajit: Origin, Benefits and Use

What Are the Features Of a Quality Shilajit?

It is easy to distinguish a high-quality shilajit from a cheap and useless one. How? Properly cleaned and truly plant-based substances have the following features:

  • color: from a warm golden to dark brown or even black
  • consistency: shiny, smooth surface
  • taste: bitter taste
  • flavor: complex flavor with notes of amber, resinous juniper, bitter wormwood, and wild garlic
  • dissolves in water easily and easily becomes soft.

What Are the Advantages of Altai Shilajit?

Sure enough, the quality of the resin depends on the conditions where it  originated from:

  • quality shilajit can be found only in caves and grottoes at a very high altitude — 656 - 11,000 ft above the sea level;
  • the higher the impact of ultraviolet radiation and the lower the oxygen and humidity content in the air, the richer the properties of shilajit;
  • the herbal range that grows in the area of shilajit extraction determines the spectrum of characteristics shilajit has on the body.

Does the Altai region meet these requirements? The answer is yes. The Altai mountain region where we extract raw resin is one of the most vital ecoregions in the whole world, characterized by its richness and diversity in species, communities, and environmental processes.

Due to the plants growing in this area (more than 400 of them have curative effects) and the unique environment, the Altai mountains are currently the birthplace of the most valuable and effective natural shilajit.  The region notably escaped destructive urbanization processes, and today the territory presents a unique landscape reserve carrying spiritual and aesthetic values as equally important as natural wealth.

We support your desire to maintain an inner and outer balance using plant-based supplements. Thus, we offer you a high-quality natural shilajit resin which you may easily purchase here. Learn more about exciting natural shilajit benefits in our blog.


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