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Dosage is important when it comes to Natural Shilajit resin because it directly affects the result you feel and see.

Natural Shilajit products are aimed at making your physical and mental health stable, fighting the very first symptoms of diseases and stress. Have you ever thought of how helpful it is to react quickly to messages your body sends you? It is super important to give first aid, which might be just more vitamins and minerals, more self-care, and a peaceful day off. 

The resin has an exciting effect once you notice dysfunctions, fatigue, or health issues. However, there are some good points to stress.

The first one is to get to know the shilajit resin: what it is, why it might be beneficial for you, and which issues it successfully addresses. We already discussed it some time ago in our blog, so in case you don't know what shilajit is, check this article out.

The second point is to know how to use it properly, what to mix it with, and how to take it as a powerful supplement. There are plenty of ways of taking shilajit: you may dissolve it in water and drink on an empty stomach, or use it as a soothing drink with milk and honey or spices, as Ayurveda told us. Anyway, lots of options are available here, and you may easily find what fits you best. We provide you with the basics of the best matches here.

The third essential point is directly connected with shilajit benefits and ways of taking it. The pledge of proper use is to know your optimal dosage. You may not see the result if the dosage is small, and there is no need to use way too big of a dosage. Finding what dosage feels good for you is the best way to experience natural shilajit resin benefits.

shilajit dosage

Why Is It Important to Know Your Shilajit Dosage?

Shilajit resin has been known and used for its medicinal properties for more than three thousand years. The reason for this «longevity» is its undeniable therapeutic properties, which effectively help fight an impressive list of diseases. Regular intake of natural shilajit may have a complex effect on the immune system, regulate endocrine metabolism, lead to the normal functioning of digestive and cardiovascular systems, and also effectively help fight some infectious diseases.

Since shilajit is medicine, even if it is given by nature itself, handling it requires adherence to some rules — an optimal dosage and a certain regimen of taking shilajit resin. Without these two components, the healing effect either will not come at all or will be extremely weak.

What Is My Shilajit Resin Dosage?

The exact dosage of the resin is determined by the specific prescription and specific health issues. However, universal dosages may have a general health effect on the body.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to measure 0,1g of natural shilajit. If there is something you need to heal, then a dose of 0,2g of shilajit is measured and taken twice a day. The best time to take shilajit is the morning, and the best condition is an empty stomach. 

If you are just a shilajit beginner, we recommend you start with the small dosage of 0,1g of the resin once per day, either in the morning or in the evening. Dissolve the resin in a drink of your choice — water, tea, milk, herb infusion — and take it daily for 1-3 days. Then the same amount should be taken two or three times per day. That is how your first week or two is going — you get your body familiar with shilajit resin and its properties.

Natural shilajit dosage

You may stay at 0,1g of the resin or go further if you feel that the results are weak. The maximum recommended dosage is 0,5g if you experience health issues. However, we believe that the best dosage is 0,1 for everyone taking shilajit every day 2 or 3 times per day. This amount is enough to be able to feel how natural shilajit resin works.

Consistency and Regimes Are Important

The resin can not be consumed continuously, so there are two main modes of how to use the resin for oral administration:

  • 10 days to take, then take a break for 5 days, and again 10 days of admission. The number of such cycles 10-5 should not exceed three times (four in the most difficult cases);
  • 25-28 days of continuous admission, followed by a break for 10 days, and then the course can be repeated one more time.

However, it should be kept in mind that in the case of treatment of particularly resistant diseases, the regimen may be different from the generally accepted schemes.

We care for you, so if you experience health issues for a long time or suspect something more than just vitamin deficiency, it is better to consult a doctor and take a blood test.


 No Need to Measure — Try NutriHoney Sticks

Yes, we have nice measure sticks which go with every natural shilajit resin. But if shilajit is something new for you and you want just to give it a shot — try sticks.

We made a mix of optimal shilajit dosage of 0,1g and honey. This is how we create the best easy-to-use and to-go format of shilajit. A perfect natural match of the pure quality resin forms the sacred Altai Mountains and raw honey presented in a nice form. No need to wait until the resin is dissolved, you just mix it with your favorite drink and go.

Natural Shilajit Resin Table Dosage

We prepared a shilajit table dosage for you, so you never get lost in finding your optimal amount of the resin. When choosing your dosage, there are two important factors — weight and height. For example, if you are 24-35 years old and your weight is in the range of 80 and less — the optimal dosage is 0,1g. If you are the same age, but your weight is 90-110 - then take 0,4g of the resin. Your own table is waiting for you with every purchase you make on our website.

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