🚻 Know the Shilajit Benefits for Men and Women

What is shilajit? Shilajit - a natural herb found in the rocks of Himalaya has numerous benefits for both men and women. It is a natural sticky substance that forms due to the decomposition of plants. It has fulvic acid, humic acid, lots of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it’s an effective supplement and is known in the medical world since long. It is an ayurvedic medicine that has positive effects on the health of both men and women. Today, we will learn the shilajit benefits, shilajit health benefits for males and females.


Here are the main health benefits of shilajit

Shilajit has almost 80 minerals that are useful for body and these minerals have good impact on men’s health. However, it is also an important supplement for women’s health. So, let’s see the shilajit benefits for men and women.

Benefits of shilajit:

Support fertility - according to a study the fertility rate in men using the product increases by 60% in comparison to others.

Promotes level of testosterone - improved testosterone levels in men protect their muscle tissue, maintain their good mood, keep fat off and improves thinking level.

Enhances performance - the Pure Himalayan Shilajit is beneficiary for men by improving their energy level enhancing their performance.

Protects the heart - it protect the heart by reducing cardiovascular damage.

Supports memory - the increase level of testosterone improves memory. Shilajit minerals also improve brain health due to the presence of fulvic acid.

Encourages healthy aging - it is rich in antioxidant and thus protects the damage of cells thus reducing the speed of aging. It is due to the supply of minerals and antioxidants to the body’s cells. It keeps the cells safe from damage from free radicals that boost the process of aging.

So, these were the shilajit benefits for male, health benefits of shilajit. Let’s see how this herb affects the body of a woman. Women who feel less energetic and exhausted from the daily routine can try this herb. This is a powerful and a natural superfood that one can include in their diet.

Shilajit benefits for female - Shilajit resin benefits

Right from your hair to skin, shilajit offer it natural health benefits to all parts of your body.

The energy booster - women have to balance both home and work and thus they need more energy. Shilajit and Shilajit fulvic acid in particular works as a fuel for their body by boosting the powerhouse of the body cells.

Cure to infertility and improves sexual health - fertility is very important in the women’s life. This herb has been in use to cure infertility in both men and women since centuries. It improves the functioning of reproductive organs of the body and flush out the toxins making the body fertile. It happens due to the presence of carotenoids, fulvic acid, amino acids, proteins and fatty acids.

Prevent aging - one of the main shilajit resin benefits that is preventing from aging is the main reason to use it. No need of using harmful chemicals on your sensitive skin only use natural herb. Shilajit is one of the best herbs to be used to prevent wrinkles on your face. Wrinkles and aging is due to the breakdown of collagen which is now regulated by the shilajit.

Strong nails and lustrous hair - shilajit is best herb for hair as it has iron , zinc and vitamins A,B,D,C and E.  It prevents the hair fall and gives you silky and strong hair. It also prevents the breaking of long nails.

Improves your sleep - many women find difficult to sleep due to stress or insomania. Incomplete or irregular sleep hampers the functioning of your body and brain thus reducing your performance. Shilajit support better sleep by reducing the stress levels and thus you feel fresh in the morning.

These were the list of shilajit extract benefits, shilajit health benefits that both men and women can enjoy.

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