Shilajit an ayurvedic product that gets extracted from the solidity of animal and plant material over millions of years in the Himalayan regions of Tibet provides numerous health benefits. Basically, organic Shilajit is a tar-like thick substance which gets exudated from cracks that ooze in hot rocks of Altai and Caucasus Mountain. You might be thinking why people rely on this oldest form of Ayurvedic and traditional supplement when there is far better and amazing technology out there? That’s what this article is all about - shilajit health benefits, its usage, dosages, etc.

Shilajit supplement & what is Shilajit used for?

Between the rocky layers compression of animal and plant materials, the product consists of herbal remnants and other therapeutic mineral ranges. It is considered originally a mineral/herbal combination. Why is the therapeutically oriented herbal medicine gaining attention from most of the western medicine experts and how to use Shilajit organic? It is because of the potent energy boosting, adaptogenic, and other memory boosting actions.


The subsequent chemical composition potency of product highly relies on a gigantic range of crucial factors during Shilajit formation:

  • Indigenous plant
  • Geological and atmospheric pressure
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Shilajit minerals present
  • Presence of bacteria and mold

Also, shilajit nutrition & chemical compositions further depend on whether the product is processed or raw so as to form into the capsule, resin or powder.

Supplement quality grades

Unprocessed & pulverized Shilajit: The unprocessed and pulverized raw Shilajit comprises 60% organic stuff such as amino acid, waxes, essential fatty acids, steroids, fulvic acid, and humic acid. The 40% of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium are also included in it. The traditional healers use the unprocessed Shilajit liquid on their local sites that are not secure for commercial because of heavy toxins and metal compositions.


Processed and purified Shilajit: The citrate buffer and water extraction are used to make the Shilajit purified which in turn gets concentrated with sunlight or heat. Lots of heavy metals as well as the organic material gets removed thus leaving -60% fulvic acid, 0.5% DBPs and 10% minerals respectively. Now see the health benefits of Shilajit extract.

Health benefit of Shilajit

Alzheimer’s disease- A progressive disorder causing issues such as memory, thinking, and behavior related problems is known as Alzheimer disease. The fulvic acid which is Shilajit primary component has powerful antioxidant properties that contribute immensely to cognitive abilities and prevent tau protein accumulation. The triggering by tau protein causes brain cell damages which are solved under shilajit extract health benefits.

Low testosterone level: low male sex hormone- testosterone, indicates hair loss, fatigue, increased body fat, low sex drive, and muscle mass loss. The purified Shilajit of around 250 milligrams twice a day contributes to the significant level of testosterone compared to other drug treatment.

Reduces chronic fatigue syndrome: A long-term problem that causes extreme fatigue or tiredness is known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, this can create a problem while getting ahead to work or performing simple tasks. Shilajit products significantly reduce CFS symptoms according to researchers and help to restore energy.

Aging- The russian shilajit is rich in strong and powerful antioxidants, fulvic acid, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients that protect the body against cellular and free radical damages. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of such supplements when one wishes to slow down the aging process, increase longevity, and of course, overall health.

High altitude sickness: a higher level of altitude triggers symptoms ranges including insomnia, dementia, hypoxia, lethargy, pulmonary edema, body pain. Since Shilajit comprises of 84 minerals including fulvic acid, it offers health benefits in abundance. It improves body immunity and provides energy thus removing fluid present in access from the body.

Shilajit effects

Apart from the fact that all the entire range of herbs present in Shilajit is completely safe and natural, one should never ever take it, whether it is processed or raw without consultation. Raw Shilajit comprises free radicals, heavy metal ions, contaminations, fungus, which has the capacity to make an individual completely sick. No matter whether the individual buys it offline or online, he/she should ensure that Shilajit is ready for use with purified assurance.

It is recommended under shilajit benefits for men health that those who possess hemochromatosis, sickle cell anemia, or thalassemia or have certain kind of supplement allergic, should not use it. This is so it develops dizziness, rashes, and increased heart rates.

How to take Shilajit

Shilajit product is both available in powder form and liquid form. Now, if you prefer to use a liquid form, you need shilajit dosage of a small grain portion of pea size or rice in the liquid for drinking thrice a day. Now if you prefer to choose Shilajit powder, you just have to take the product twice with milk every day.

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