Juice Your Way Out of Caffeine

Most of the people in America are hardcore drug addicts – if you include caffeine, that is. From tea and coffee to NoDoz, we Americans certainly love our stimulation. In terms of social acceptance, it is about equal with alcohol, which is a big part of the reason for its popular abuse. Because the effects […]

Systematic Stress – Resilience and Control | Natural Shilajit

Systematic Stress – Resilience and Control Balanced and healthy response to stressors Toughness in emotional, mental and physical stressors Healthy bodily responses to stress Natural Shilajit provides you daily resilience and control. Even better than traditional shilajit, it helps to stabilize your emotional and mental health as well as the bodily connections to them. Not […]

Save Your Liver, Brain and Health from Alcohol

The most dangerous recreational drug in today’s world is ironically one of the few legal ones: ethanol. There are over 29,000 alcohol related deaths every year in the United States alone. For reference, remember that deaths due to prescription painkillers come in at about 16,000 per year and heroin is about 6,000. This is why […]

Natural Performance Enhancer

Traditionally, mineral pitch resin has been appreciated for its overall performance enhancing and health supporting benefits. Enhanced performance with no burnout Both mental and physical improvement Improves various body systems For a long time, it has been used as a functional supplement to allow for gentle energy production within the body. Mineral pitch is considered […]

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Green Tea

This article is part three in a series that explores the details of combining Natural Shilajit resin with a variety of naturally occurring medicines.This section will discuss green tea. Over the course of thousands of years, tea has been used ceremoniously in some Asian cultures. It is one of a few beverages that has truly […]

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BEST COFFEE SUBSTITUTE | How to Quit the Coffee Habit Easily

How to Quit the Coffee Habit Easily? It seems that the whole world is addicted to caffeine, but a shockingly small portion of consumers really understand how it works. Most see it as quick energy, but truly it is only a trick. The phenomenon of feeling tired hinges largely on the molecule adenosine. It accumulates […]

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Why Buy Organic? 10 Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

Being able to attain healthy, nutritious, clean food should be your right as a human being. Yet, in our current capitalistic climate, it is just not that simple. There is big money in food, just as there is big money in Healthcare, and when the only thing we worry about is turning a profit, things […]

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Shilajit, Shilajeet, Mumie or Mumijo – The World’s Best Sources of Electrolytes

What we know as Shilajit, Shilajeet, Mumie or Mumijo is the result of the compression of these antediluvian rain forests: a black tar-like material, one of the densest and most complex substances known to man. Because Shilajit has undergone thousands of processes of photosynthesis (conversion of solar energy), stored within it is unparalleled amounts active […]

Symptoms And Side Effects Of Mineral Deficiency

    SYMPTOMS AND SIDE EFFECTS OF MINERAL DEFICIENCY Our bodies are designed to work with the natural elements found in our food. Plants create vitamins and pull minerals from the soil to serve specific functions, like protection from disease or energy production. We then repurpose these nutrients after we consume them. Minerals are an […]

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Reaching Hormonal Balance Through Natural Shilajit

We hear a lot about hormone imbalances in health articles and from experts in the field. Some people suffer from estrogen dominance, where there is too much estrogen being produced in the body or absorbed from foods and body care products. Other people produce too much cortisol, which is a byproduct of the constant stress […]