Forms of Shilajit

Shilajit Benefits for Men

Tumeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant (Curcuma longa) of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

Even though it is scientifically a member of the Zingiberaceae family, which ginger also belongs to, turmeric is an extremely singular and very popular rhizome. Turmeric (also spelled turmeric) has been highly utilized for thousands of years in Asia as flavoring, medicine and dye. It acts almost as a panacea, which is why it is […]

Natural Shilajit Founder

Modern and Ancient Geography of Shilajit and Mumie Resins

A very long time ago, people such as Siberian shamans and Ayurvedic healers in India recognized shilajit’s value. They realized that it is an amazing healing food, so they gave it a highly regarded place in their hierarchy of traditional meteriamedicas (which translates into list of natural healing substances). Because of this listing, the demand […]

How to Use Shilajit Resin

How to Use Shilajit? Shilajit Dosage Recommendations

How to Take Shilajit Resin? In general, it’s great to take shilajit at any time in order to boost general health, increase energy, and for prophylactic measures. Using it once or twice each day is best, either in the evening or mornings. We recommend taking it before food if you choose mornings. If you choose […]

Shilajit Fulvic Acid

Shilajit Fulvic Acid: Fulvic and Humic Acid Supplement

What is Fulvic Acid? Fulvic Acids greatly enhance the bio-availability of important trace minerals, regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in the cells. Modify the damage or toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals. Enhance the permeability for digestive, circulatory, and cell membranes. As the most powerful, natural electrolyte known, […]

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Many people are losing faith in the unique properties of the Natural Shilajit, having tried this product in a form of pills. But they made a mistake – pills are an extract of Natural Shilajit with various additives, which affect the healing effect. In simple terms, the healing power of the Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits disappears. […]

Shilajit Powder Extract Capsules Tablets

Why you shouldn’t buy Shilajit in Capsules, Tablets, Powders, Extracts or any other forms?

Stay away from capsules, tablets, powders, extracts, or any kind of Shilajit that isn’t sold in a resin form. Capsules and pills are mixed with silica, cellulose and there’s no way to really evaluate the quality of the Shilajit that has been granulated and mixed into these capsules. Powders are routinely cut with all sorts […]