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3 Secret Yoga Benefits of Shilajit

Amplify Your Yoga

The western world has a unique take on the culture surrounding yoga. It was popularized largely by Paramahansa Yogananda, who was an advanced yogi from India. The translation of yoga from Sanskrit is “union,” and ananda’s translation is “bliss,” so his name roughly translates to “bliss through union with God/self.” Over the years, many eastern […]

Calmer and Smarter

Natural Shilajit resin is an excellent facilitator for keeping your mind and emotions stable and calm all through your day Emotional stability Mental stability and sharpness Feeling focused and in the zone Additionally, it stabilizes and focuses your thoughts; everyone taking Natural Shilajit resin is changed in this manner. They describe their new mental state […]

coffee substitute quit coffee

BEST COFFEE SUBSTITUTE | How to Quit the Coffee Habit Easily

How to Quit the Coffee Habit Easily? It seems that the whole world is addicted to caffeine, but a shockingly small portion of consumers really understand how it works. Most see it as quick energy, but truly it is only a trick. The phenomenon of feeling tired hinges largely on the molecule adenosine. It accumulates […]

shilajit side effects‎

Shilajit Side Effects‎ – Harsh Truths About Shilajit Resin Nobody Will Tell You.

Natural Shilajit is a resin that is extremely rich in nutrients. The biomass is so powerful that it is sometimes referred to as the “destroyer of weakness!” Over the years, many have regarded it as the best available carrier of energy and nutrition to the human body. As of late, studies are showing that shilajit […]

Shilajit Resin Boost CoQ10

What is CoQ10? Can Shilajit Resin Boost CoQ10 efficiency?

What is CoQ10? Also called by its full name coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a compound that occurs naturally within the cells of the human body. It is found in the mitochondria, rod-shaped structures inside each cell that serve as power generators for that cell. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural antioxidant synthesized by the body, found […]

Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit Side Effects

Shilajit side effects may be indicative of a low-quality shilajit, or something that claims to be shilajit but is not really so. Due to the growing popularity of Shilajit Resin more and more Shilajit sellers appears on market, unfortunately not all of them are very honest and trustworthy people. That is why many shilajit supplements on the market […]

Shilajit Resin

Shilajit Resin – Also Known as Mineral Pitch

Shilajit resin or Salajeet is a naturally occurring mineral compound and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine since the 6th century BC. Shilajit resin literally means ‘exuding from the rocks’ in Sanskrit and is a fitting name for this resinous material which is pressed from between the layers of rock in the Himalayan Mountains […]

Shilajit Benefits for Men

4 Significant Shilajit Benefits for Men

For many of us, men especially, looking after our health and general well-being can be much easier said than done, especially as we find ourselves becoming considerably longer in the tooth and growing older. There are several major shilajit benefits for men such as shilajit helps boost testosterone, it helps support fertility also increases energy […]


What Makes Shilajit so Unique? – Natural and Organic Substance

You eat well, and you take certain vitamins for your health. You might do yoga or work out, and you make sure to get plenty of fresh air and sleep. So why would you want to add Shilajit to your daily ritual? Shilajit is a unique health promoting organic substance that you can’t find anywhere […]

Shilajit for Women

7 Main Benefits of Shilajit for Women’s Health

Shilajit is a natural source of energy and has an amazing effect on all body systems. There are several main benefits of shilajit for women’s health. This herbal tonic with multiple health benefits can increase energy and vitality in women. It is excellent for working women since it provides capability to endure various strenuous physical activities. It […]