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Low Self Esteem

Sexuality, Aphrodisiacs, Shilajit, Herbs…Energetic Sexual Being

Human sexuality is something both beautiful and visceral. Sigmund Freud is one of the first to pop up in the mind when discussing sexuality. We have seen through the ages that sex is truly one of the most powerful motivators that rule over our society and species. I have taken the time to do a […]

3 Secret Yoga Benefits of Shilajit

Amplify Your Yoga

The western world has a unique take on the culture surrounding yoga. It was popularized largely by Paramahansa Yogananda, who was an advanced yogi from India. The translation of yoga from Sanskrit is “union,” and ananda’s translation is “bliss,” so his name roughly translates to “bliss through union with God/self.” Over the years, many eastern […]

shilajit resin testosterone booster

Shilajit Resin: Natural Testosterone Booster for Energy, Sleep & More.

Shilajit Resin – Natural Testosterone Booster Studies show that 25% of men have low testosterone, and that this imbalance occurs at higher frequency as men age. Research has also found that high-quality shilajit resin, also known as mineral pitch, mumi, or salajeet, helps to naturally increase testosterone levels while also yielding additional health benefits. However, […]

Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Weakness Men Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit For Male Problems

Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Weakness Men Natural Shilajit. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness of men. The disease can occur as a result of urological and psychiatric diseases, or develop due to physical injury. If Erectile dysfunction is not treated, it will lead to obesity, bad psychological state, disruptions in the endocrine system. In addition to […]

Natural Shilajit Increase Male Potency

7 Natural Ways to Increase Male Potency

According to well-known statistics, every fifth man suffers from sexual function disorders. You should eat healthy products, such as: • Low-fat red meat; • Many vegetables: carrots, onions, turnips, garlic, eggplant, beans, horseradish, radish, and beets, sweet and hot peppers. The men suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should not eat spicy dishes; • […]

erectile dysfunction shilajit

Erectile Dysfunction – How Natural Shilajit can Overcome That?

At all times, men were looking for a safe drug that would instantly return them suddenly disappeared sexual power. How can the Natural Shilajit overcome Erectile Dysfunction? The answer is quite simple. The fact is that the Natural Shilajit is Natural and universal bio stimulant. Taking Natural Shilajit for male potency improves not only the […]

shilajit treat erectile dysfunction

Honey and Natural Shilajit Treat Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Many men know that shilajit treat erectile dysfunction It’s a great product which can help to overcome impotence. Every man worries about possible problems with potency. You can try different drugs and different methods to improve your potency, but only shilajit treat erectile dysfunction really effectively. In this article you will find many recipes explaining hot […]

Shilajit Benefits Men Health

Shilajit Benefits for Men Health

Some diseases which only men can suffer on are called “male disease”. Though they are usually not life-threatening, “male diseases” are subjectively perceived by the men like the worst thing which could ever happen to them. After reading this article, you’ll learn how to use the natural Shilajit to get rid of some male diseases, […]

Male Diseases Natural Shilajit

Male Diseases and Natural Shilajit

Surely, impotence is the non-life-threatening and, at the same time, the most frightening male disease. Most men would rather sacrifice their right hand, if it made their penis healthy and sex-ready in the right moments. Natural Shilajit in the treatment of impotence. Men suffer from impotence first of all from psychological point of view which […]

5 Simple Steps to Treat Impotence with Natural Shilajit

5 Simple Steps to Treat Impotence with Natural Shilajit

Beginning the treatment of Impotence with the help of Natural Shilajit does not require any doctor’s permission, as it is absolutely safe drug which you can safely take in the recommended dosages. However, before you start the treatment at home, it will be more accurate to consult a doctor to make sure that you don`t […]