Mental and Physical Capability

Shilajit resin and Mumie Use by Traditional Healers

Whenever someone claims to know of a panacea substance, they are exaggerating. Modern scientists have access to much better tools than the traditional antiquity healers did. The “scientists” back then were known as Ayurvedic practitioners and Siberian shamanic healers. They were pretty successful in bringing people’s health back. They did so with various herbs, and […]

Shilajit Benefits for Men

Tumeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant (Curcuma longa) of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

Even though it is scientifically a member of the Zingiberaceae family, which ginger also belongs to, turmeric is an extremely singular and very popular rhizome. Turmeric (also spelled turmeric) has been highly utilized for thousands of years in Asia as flavoring, medicine and dye. It acts almost as a panacea, which is why it is […]

mineral deficiency

Sleep. Improved and Adaptable.

Natural Shilajit resin allows for a whole new quality and experience of sleep. Improves the sleep/wake cycle Handle sleep deprivation better Function better on less sleep Easily adapt sleeping to location changes and stressors Compared to more traditional holistic sleep helpers, it additionally offers a multidirectional impact on the quality of the body’s sleep and […]

Broken Bones and Torn Muscles

If you’re reading this, you might have already experienced how powerful Natural Shilajit is for regenerating bones and soft tissue. You might have injured yourself lately, and maybe a friend let you know that it’s a great idea to try shilajit. It’s also possible that you are a scientist doing research in order to understand […]

Bone and Tissue Regeneration – Faster and Better

Natural Shilajit offers many benefits, but the best of them is probably accelerated and improved regeneration of the healthy tissue. Historically, it was first Ayurvedic practitioners who used the resin as a helper to rebuild the body safely. Healthy bone tissue regenerates 3-4 times more quickly Healthy structural tissue regenerates 3-4 times more quickly Organ […]

Natural Shilajit Mental Physical Enhancer

Natural Shilajit – Mental and Physical Performance Enhancer

Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat severe conditions such as amnesia, and is used to enhance stamina and physical performance. A natural method of Promoting Learning and Memory Function, Shilajit increases the body’s functions, providing peak Mental and Physical Capability. Shilajit contains 85 types of minerals in the natural ionic form which […]