Raw Food

Juice Your Way Out of Caffeine

Most of the people in America are hardcore drug addicts – if you include caffeine, that is. From tea and coffee to NoDoz, we Americans certainly love our stimulation. In terms of social acceptance, it is about equal with alcohol, which is a big part of the reason for its popular abuse. Because the effects […]

Shilajit resin and Mumie Use by Traditional Healers

Whenever someone claims to know of a panacea substance, they are exaggerating. Modern scientists have access to much better tools than the traditional antiquity healers did. The “scientists” back then were known as Ayurvedic practitioners and Siberian shamanic healers. They were pretty successful in bringing people’s health back. They did so with various herbs, and […]

Optimize Juicing with Natural Shilajit resin

Juicing is an extremely healthy habit, yielding incredible health benefits. The practice promotes weight loss, boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, and even helps to keep the brain healthy. Plus, juicing allows consumers to intake more fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Doing so can be very difficult for people who don’t enjoy […]

Essential Nutrients from Food

Сan you really get all of your Essential Nutrients from Food?

As you strengthen your commitment to health and wellness, you are sure to begin making healthy dietary changes. While making the move to a cleaner and greener diet is an excellent place to begin, as you continue down the path for improved health— you are sure to begin searching for natural supplements that provide your […]

Natural Shilajit Antioxidant Free Radical

Why Natural Shilajit is the Best Antioxidant to Eat at Breakfast?

Natural Shilajit is a very powerful antioxidant, protecting your cells from free radical damage which ages your body and leads to degenerative conditions and other health problems. Plus, Shilajit helps with weight loss and to improves your quality of sleep, provides allergy relief, increases energy, and much more. How do Antioxidants Work? To understand how […]

Natural Shilajit - What are Benefits Of Fulvic Acid?

Natural Shilajit – What are Benefits Of Fulvic Acid?

Shilajit offers both Humic acid and Fulvic Acid – two powerful mineral complexes, combination of both acids helps in the easy absorption of the nutrients, the body gets enough nutrition from food you eating. It also support proper biochemical reactions in plants and animals and optimizes cell response. Fulvic Acid seems to be naturals best […]

Natural Shilajit Eat More Raw Foods

Natural Shilajit – 5 Ways to Eat More Raw Foods

Eating more raw foods is one of the best ways to learn to eat more simply and eat as close to the earth as possible. Aside from the weight loss benefits it may or may not have, the diet is one of the simplest ways to approach food in my experience. Many people try a […]