Benefits Shilajit Almond Honey Milk

Backup Plan for questionable juices, since it is the highest-quality

All humans are lacking in some aspect, which is a truly beautiful thing. However, being deficient in minerals found in fruits and vegetables is cause for concern. Due to unnatural farming techniques like mono-cropping and the use of pesticides, our topsoil is now lacking extremely important minerals, as well as fulvic and humic acids. As […]

Save Your Liver, Brain and Health from Alcohol

The most dangerous recreational drug in today’s world is ironically one of the few legal ones: ethanol. There are over 29,000 alcohol related deaths every year in the United States alone. For reference, remember that deaths due to prescription painkillers come in at about 16,000 per year and heroin is about 6,000. This is why […]

Reclaim Your Liver, Reclaim Your Life Force

Much of our ability to live capable, aware lives hinges on the liver – after all, remove the “r” and you get live! It is essential that we take good care of our livers. It takes on the task of metabolizing drugs and food while also filtering the blood (35 liters every day!). The organ […]

Natural Performance Enhancer

Traditionally, mineral pitch resin has been appreciated for its overall performance enhancing and health supporting benefits. Enhanced performance with no burnout Both mental and physical improvement Improves various body systems For a long time, it has been used as a functional supplement to allow for gentle energy production within the body. Mineral pitch is considered […]

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Green Tea

This article is part three in a series that explores the details of combining Natural Shilajit resin with a variety of naturally occurring medicines.This section will discuss green tea. Over the course of thousands of years, tea has been used ceremoniously in some Asian cultures. It is one of a few beverages that has truly […]

Shilajit for Women

Amplify Your Yoga

The western world has a unique take on the culture surrounding yoga. It was popularized largely by ParamahansaYogananda, who was an advanced yogi from India. The translation of yoga from Sanskrit is “union,” and ananda’s translation is “bliss,” so his name roughly translates to “bliss through union with God/self.” Over the years, many eastern yogis […]

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Immune Boosting Step with Fermented Foods and Natural Shilajit resin

It is shocking that many people consume diets absent of fermented foods, considering how vital they are to our health. Our ancestors ate plenty of lacto-ferments like sauerkraut (fermented cabbage and sea salt) and kefir (fermented milk). In essence, these foods are pre-digested by microorganisms like lactobacillus. There are many huge health benefits associates with […]

Shilajit for Women

Harmonize Your Caffeine Addict

There is a comic opus from 1735 called Coffee Cantata, created by Sebastian Back. It details the story of townspeople becoming addicted to some new substance they knew as coffee. We all know coffee as one of the most common stimulants in the world. Many worship it, and others demonize it. However, it seems that […]

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Systematic Stress – Resilience and Control

Natural Shilajit resin provides you daily resilience and control. Balanced and healthy response to stressors Toughness in emotional, mental and physical stressors Healthy bodily responses to stress Even better than traditional shilajit, it helps to stabilize your emotional and mental health as well as the bodily connections to them. Not only does our resin battle […]

Natural Shilajit resin: The Cannabis High

We’d like to start off with a disclaimer: Natural Shilajit resin as a company does not endorse, encourage or promote the use of medical or recreational cannabis at all. The discussion that follows is simply a testimony from one of our clients who used the plant daily over the last seven years. He had an […]