Shilajit resin and Mumie Use by Traditional Healers

Whenever someone claims to know of a panacea substance, they are exaggerating. Modern scientists have access to much better tools than the traditional antiquity healers did. The “scientists” back then were known as Ayurvedic practitioners and Siberian shamanic healers. They were pretty successful in bringing people’s health back. They did so with various herbs, and […]

Is Shilajit Safe for Animals?

Natural Shilajit resin has quite the following. Many people take our Live Resin and encourage their friends, families and coworkers to try the life-changing substance too! However, we do sometimes receive urgent questions when our clients realize their cat or dog got into their jar of Natural Shilajit resin. The pet owners are zen and focused, but […]


What Makes Shilajit so Unique? – Natural and Organic Substance

You eat well, and you take certain vitamins for your health. You might do yoga or work out, and you make sure to get plenty of fresh air and sleep. So why would you want to add Shilajit to your daily ritual? Shilajit is a unique health promoting organic substance that you can’t find anywhere […]

Essential Nutrients from Food

Сan you really get all of your Essential Nutrients from Food?

As you strengthen your commitment to health and wellness, you are sure to begin making healthy dietary changes. While making the move to a cleaner and greener diet is an excellent place to begin, as you continue down the path for improved health— you are sure to begin searching for natural supplements that provide your […]

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Many people are losing faith in the unique properties of the Natural Shilajit, having tried this product in a form of pills. But they made a mistake – pills are an extract of Natural Shilajit with various additives, which affect the healing effect. In simple terms, the healing power of the Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits disappears. […]

Boost Immune System Natural Shilajit

How to Boost your Immune System with Natural Shilajit?

Among the natural medicines Natural Shilajit can be considered one of the most effective remedies for Immune System, since the immune-modulatoring effect of the natural Shilajit is the same as the effect of the modern expensive drugs. Boost Immune System Natural Shilajit. In fact, Immune System is ability of the body to resist the impact of […]

Shilajit Helps Relieve Joint Pain

Shilajit Helps Relieve Joint Pain

Shilajit helps relieve joint pain and absorb the calcium better. Shilajit provides strength to the joints which enables them to function properly. Shilajit is said to have properties which work on improving the wear and tear of the tissues of the body thereby checking all those ailments which can arise due to aging. One of the […]

Healthy Breakfast Improve Health Shilajit

Why Taking Natural Shilajit at Breakfast Can Improve Your Overall Health?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Healthy breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration during the day. Many studies have shown how taking Natural Shilajit at breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels and it can also make you happier as it can improve mood and […]

Natural Shilajit for Hair Growth and Health - 7 Essential Elements

Natural Shilajit for Hair Growth and Health – 7 Essential Elements

Getting the right vitamins for hair growth is important for the overall health of your hair. Running a deficiency in any of the following vitamins and minerals creates the potential for less than optimal hair growth. Grow Healthy Long Hair with Natural Shilajit Keeping a relatively healthy diet is a major player in healthy hair […]

Crucial Benefits Shilajit Provides Health

What Are All The Crucial Benefits Shilajit Provides To Your Health?

Over sixty years of clinical research have shown that Shilajit has positive effects on humans. It improves memory and cognitive ability, reduces allergies and respiratory problems, reduces stress, and relieves digestive troubles. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and eliminates free radicals responsible for various health problems in the body. The research proves that Shilajit […]