Shilajit Erectile Dysfunction Impotence

Natural Shilajit and Erectile Dysfunction Impotence

Why can Natural Shilajit overcome the impotence?

The answer is quite simple. The fact that Natural Shilajit works like natural and universal bio-stimulator. Taking Natural Shilajit for potency, a man not only cares about his genitourinary system, but also about the whole body. It normalizes vascular tone, endocrine system starts to work well, digestion improves; the body is saturated with energy. As a result, the man returns himself vigor, strength, good health – as well as a good potency.
Modern medicine makes treatment of impotence with many different drugs or specialized procedures – such as Viagra, Yohimbin, Edeks, vacuum erection therapy finally the implantation of prostheses. All these means are pursuing a fairly narrow purpose – filling of the penis with blood in the right moment. But the use of the Natural Shilajit against impotence poses a much broader purpose – to bring the whole body of a man to such a healthy state that when the normal intimacy with the beloved woman happens he will not have to swallow pills or pump the penis with a pump.

Natural Shilajit and Erectile Dysfunction Impotence

At all times, men were looking for a reliable remedy, which would immediately return them suddenly disappeared sexual power. As usual, men, who had a failure in bed, begin to experiment with taking some untested exotic drugs, without even knowing that the ordinary course of Natural Shilajit in the case of impotence would be much more useful and effective than Viagra or any other similar “wonder drugs” which are now being actively promoted, in order to ensure a powerful male potency and his male organ does not fall down in the most intimate moment.
Symptoms of impotence do not require special description, because, in fact, a sign of it is just one – lack of erection.
However, in some cases, the forerunners of complete impotence can be a weakening of erection or decreasing of sexual desire, which happens to the man constantly, not only once. In these cases, it would be better to see a doctor as soon as possible in order to determine the reasons of dysfunction appeared.

Reasons of impotence are really varied and it is not always clear why there was a “failure”.

In most cases, the potency is lost because of the psychological factors – stress, emotions, constant nervousness, not strong enough feelings to a woman. In these cases, you can refuse to accept the Natural Shilajit to increase potency, because the potency blocks not the body but the mind. A visit to a good psychologist can help to cope with the situation, and the Natural Shilajit is nevertheless useful for taking just for health.
Another reason of impotence – urological diseases such as prostatitis, epididymitis, pyelonephritis, and many other diseases that neglected treatment leads to weakening of male power. A number of endocrine diseases, especially diabetes, can also lead to the complete disappearance of a normal erection.

Quite often, problems with potency are the result of problems with the vessels that are affected by atherosclerosis due to unhealthy lifestyle of men – lack of movement, poor nutrition, bad habits and overweight. In rare cases, the cause of impotence can be a tumor of the pituitary gland, which releases a special hormone called prolactin, which causes persistent erectile dysfunction.


How To Take Natural Shilajit?




1. Take pea sized portion

(Approximately 300-500Mg)

2. Dissolve in hot water, tea or warm milk and drink

(This will take 10-15 min)

3. Drink it on empty stomach every morning

(This drink fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins)

The recommended amount of Shilajit for general use and to maintain optimal health is around 300-500Mg. – pea sized portion per day. There is approximately a 6-8 week period for the therapeutic effects to be noticed. I have personally taken 1000Mg. per day (for bronchitis symptoms) and gotten excellent results. I would recommend you start off with 300Mg. per day and add 100Mg. per day until you achieve the desired results.


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