Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

Many people are losing faith in the unique properties of the Natural Shilajit, having tried this product in a form of pills. But they made a mistake – pills are an extract of Natural Shilajit with various additives, which affect the healing effect. In simple terms, the healing power of the Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits disappears. This is the opinion of the experts, and you may totally agree with them after reading numerous reviews on forums and listening to stories of friends and acquaintances. But those who have once tried the real Natural Shilajit – a resinous viscous black mass with bitter odor and taste, know its incredible power and admire this generous gift of the nature. Try it too!

Natural Shilajit is a real bounty from the nature!

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and tonic effects. This medicine enhances the processes of restoration and renewal in different tissues of the body; it increases our working efficiency, eases the effects of radiation exposure and returns confidence to men (virility). Natural Shilajit ensures our health and natural beauty for many years!

Proven Natural Shilajit Benefits

First of all, the Natural Shilajit is the best doctor! It treats a large number of ailments and diseases, such as: cystitis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, allergies, colds, and many others. The Natural Shilajit heals wounds, improves the general health condition, improves the quality of sleep, raises the appetite of sick people, helps to say goodbye to the pain.

  • Natural Shilajit is well dissolved and is often taken orally, diluted in juice, water, milk, tea with honey.
  • In some cases the Natural Shilajit can be dissolved in its natural form, but it may be a tough test for many people.
  • Application of the Natural Shilajit in cosmetic purposes is effective in the form of masks and baths.
  • In recent years, the popularity of Natural Shilajit has increased significantly.



How To Take Natural Shilajit?




1. Take pea sized portion

(Approximately 300-500Mg)

2. Dissolve in hot water, tea or warm milk and drink

(This will take 10-15 min)

3. Drink it on empty stomach every morning

(This drink fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins)

The recommended amount of Shilajit for general use and to maintain optimal health is around 300-500Mg. – pea sized portion per day. There is approximately a 6-8 week period for the therapeutic effects to be noticed. I have personally taken 1000Mg. per day (for bronchitis symptoms) and gotten excellent results. I would recommend you start off with 300Mg. per day and add 100Mg. per day until you achieve the desired results.


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