What Makes Shilajit so Unique? – Natural and Organic Substance

You eat well, and you take certain vitamins for your health. You might do yoga or work out, and you make sure to get plenty of fresh air and sleep. So why would you want to add Shilajit to your daily ritual?

Shilajit is a unique health promoting organic substance that you can’t find anywhere else.

Organic Substance

Vitamin and mineral supplements provide the basics for health, but the fulvic and humic acid in Shilajit, along with the bioavailable minerals it contains, are like the icing on the cake of excellent health.

The minerals are the first piece of this puzzle. Since Shilajit is a natural and organic substance, the many minerals it contains are in forms that our bodies can use most easily. Many supplements use minerals that aren’t organic in nature, meaning that they are inert, and don’t actually give any benefits when we take them. They don’t enter our tissues to help them repair themselves and function better. The minerals in Organic Shilajit are different. Since they are in the active forms that can easily interact positively with our cells, we get far more benefit from them in their natural state.

Next, we have the fulvic acid contained in Shilajit.

Fulvic acid is a compound that is quite rare to find in nature.

Fulvic acid helps cell membranes to be more permeable to beneficial minerals and supports enzymes to function more efficiently. This component also allows water to flow more easily into cells and tissues, allowing for better, deeper hydration in the body. It’s antagonistic to heavy metals and helps the body to expel these dangerous toxins, instead of storing them. Fulvic Acid has been shown to stimulate metabolism and even stabilize the DNA and RNA in the nucleus of our cells.

Organic Substance

Finally, the Humic Acid in Shilajit compliments the fulvic acid in that it helps organisms, aka our bodies, to hold on to the water they have, and circulate it more efficiently. Where fulvic acid helps to make enzymes more efficient, humic acid makes minerals and vitamins more effective. These together promote an incredible internal balance that would be nearly impossible to achieve with nutrition alone.

This combination of rare compounds is what makes Shilajit so profound in its effects towards superior health and a much longer life to enjoy. It’s also one of the rare supplements that has no known side effects, and is useful at any stage of life, whether or not an illness is present.

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