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Sleep. Improved and Adaptable.

Natural Shilajit resin allows for a whole new quality and experience of sleep.

  • Improves the sleep/wake cycle
  • Handle sleep deprivation better
  • Function better on less sleep
  • Easily adapt sleeping to location changes and stressors

Compared to more traditional holistic sleep helpers, it additionally offers a multidirectional impact on the quality of the body’s sleep and rest states.

Those who take Natural Shilajit resin notice improved sleep first and foremost

It exhibits adaptogenic effects on the quality of sleep itself as well as how easily the mind and body can cope with sleep deprivation or common disturbances of our natural sleep/wake cycle. Those who most appreciate the Natural Shilajit resin sleep-related benefits are the ones who:

  • Have irregular sleeping patterns, therefore requiring healthy sleep aids
  • Experience stress at work and in their personal life and therefore require healthy sleep aids. These are often executives, creatives, and restless people.
  • Change location frequently and need to adapt quickly i.e. those experiencing jetlag often, frequent flyers, world travelers
  • People who are temporarily busy and overloaded and therefore cannot afford sufficient sleep, but still need to function well

After about 3-7 days of consuming Natural Shilajit resin, most people begin to notice:

  • It feels easier and more natural to go to sleep, and the process usually matches up with the daylight
  • They sleep more soundly and feel more rested
  • They more easily “sleep off” the day’s challenges and pressures
  • In cases where the body was extremely depleted of sleep, the amount of restorative sleep increases. This restorative sleep should never be fought off with caffeine or other drugs.
  • Even when missing out on sleep for a short period of time, they can function at almost a normal level during the day instead of suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation.

As of now, no studies have been performed concerning how mineral pitch relates to healthy sleep patterns or circadian rhythm modulation. Natural Shilajit resin is a high-performing mineral pitch resin, which outdoes the effectiveness, impact and power than any others. It also exhibits some properties that are not necessarily always correlated to traditional mineral pitch resins referred to as Shilajit resin, Moomiyo or Salajeet. Right now, all we can do is theorize as to why people observe such substantial sleep improvement with the resin. It is most likely due to increased homeostasis, aiding the healthy brain function and the substance’s adaptogenic effects.

It is important to keep in mind that sleep is absolutely vital to human health. We do not encourage or support sleep deprivation, as this could be very dangerous and greatly diminish quality of life. Unfortunately, our modern society often pushes us to forgo sleep and restfulness. No resin can completely fix the damage that sleep deprivation does.

Natural Shilajit resin is simply a nutritional supplement, which can aid in developing healthy and adaptable sleeping cycles to help you sleep more naturally.

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