What is the Shilajit

What is the Shilajit? Questions about Shilajit Benefits and Uses.

What is Natural Shilajit Resin?

Shilajit is mineral deposit that is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains. This black tar like substance contains several minerals in ionic form. Regarded by many herbalists as the most important natural tonic substance of Ayurveda.

Conventional Eastern European medicine, Ayurveda, and many other traditional holistic practices, shilajit resin holds a reputation of being a supreme healing substance. There are many ancient texts that cite Mumie and Shilajit as an extremely effective health substance. The textual foundation of Ayurvedic medicine is called the Charaka Samhita.

What is the Shilajit

This phrase translates to English as “Compendium of Charaka,” and it gives shilajit a superior position in the rankings of other herbal formulations. However, shilajit is not only an Indian or Himalayan phenomenon. Other major medicinal figures have used and promoted the substance. Avicenna is one of the most famous antiquity physicians to use, explain and hypothesize about the genesis of mineral pitch in nature. Languages such as old Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese and Arabic also use antiquity and describe the harvesting, processing and practical use of shilajit.

In many traditions, shilajit was used for functions such as healing multiple conditions and improving overall health, and were often combined with other herbal concoctions in order to improve their power.

Shilajit in Resin Form

Due to the fact that its potent benefits have been proven by practitioners throughout thousands of years, the demand for shilajit is very high. For this reason, there are many imitation products currently on the US market. One way to know if a product is genuine is by checking the form it is sold in. If it is a powder, it is most likely not genuine. Some pills and tinctures are also imitation shilajit. For your safety and to make sure you are buying a high quality product, please consult our Authenticity and Safety article.

Over the centuries, humans have learned about and made use of the many benefits of shilajit. Throughout many traditions, practitioners used it to treat and prevent a wide variety of ailments, as well as to help with toning and strengthening the body. Now, we have the knowledge and technology to test and research shilajit, so we have been able to validate and confirm what the traditional practitioners already knew about its power. From acting as an aid to tissue regeneration to offering amazing antioxidants, shilajit is known to include a wide variety of health benefits. To learn more about these, please see our Health Benefits and Science sections.

What is the Shilajit

Benefit of Shilajit:

  • Energy synthesis: this promotes metabolism of proteins and vitamins; which results in high energy release.
  • Anti-aging: the high energy and bio-generative properties promote cell regeneration, and proper maintenance of old cells.
  • Rejuvenation properties: the regenerative properties are effective for problems like tissue degeneration.
  • Prevents and cures diabetes: it maintains the blood sugar level.
  • Blood purifications: it enhances the immune system and the circulation system.
  • Solves bone related problems: it strengthens the bones, and solves problems like arthritis, joint pains etc.
  • Spiritual enlightenment: the burst of energy opens all the blocked chakra points.
  • Increase in sexual potency: it strengthens the male reproductive systems, increases libido and helps avoid impotency and premature ejaculation.

Natural Shilajit is a one-of-a-kind, active extract. In Ayurveda and Eastern European medicine, it is regarded as food for its wonderful healing qualities. We use the most innovative American technology in order to formulate a top-quality product. The patent-pending processes used in our lab yield an extract that is notable higher in quality than traditionally made Shilajit or Moomiyo.

Natural Shilajit offers the health benefits of traditional high-end concentrations combined with new ones, which doesn’t yet exist in other shilajit products. Please browse our site to read about more benefits to find out what shilajit can do for you. Our health guidance alone is of great value, and we hope you learn how to improve your health by reading our site. Trying Natural Shilajit means discovering an even better version of yourself!

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