Natural Shilajit Resin

100% Plant-Based
Ionic Minerals
That Help You Feel Great Everyday
  • Increases Stamina and Energy Level
  • Cleanse, Detox and Remove Toxins
  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Improves Immune System
  • Regulate Blood and Sugar
  • Good for Heart and Blood Circulation
  • Anti-Stress Depressant
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Rejuvenation
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Why Do You Need
Ionic Trace Minerals?
Certain vitamins and minerals, if lacking in your diet, can make you feel tired, foggy, slow and weak when it comes to the gym. If you are lacking, it’s a pretty easy fix to get you back on track with the help of Natural Shilajit, it boasts 85 trace minerals, full-spectrum amino acids, enzymes, and dense phytonutrients.
Natural Shilajit resin has all of the key hair growth vitamins and minerals which can help prevent hair loss in both men and women, such as - Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc and Vitamins A, B, C, K and E.
Manganese is essential for building up the blood and oxygenating our bodies, two very important factors for healthy skin. Additionally, manganese supports the production of collagen. It does so by activating enzymes that help produce proline, the amino acid that gives collagen fibers their form, richness and elasticity.
Natural Shilajit is rich in Iron and Zinc, both minerals are important for gut health because it helps support the gut bacteria and also increased a beneficial anti-inflammatory bacterial metabolite (butyrate). Zinc is also important for producing digestive enzymes.
Natural Shilajit can be used to support a sluggish or overactive thyroid, and it can also help to overcome adrenal fatigue. Your adrenals can become overtaxed when you experience too much emotional, physical or mental stress, leading to the disruption of hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and progesterone
Natural Shilajit works as an anti-inflammatory agent due to its similar pharmacological properties like that of betamethasone, a glucocortocoid without causing any side effects.
Minerals have important biochemical roles in the brain and are needed for proper cognitive function. Certain minerals not only help keep your brain functioning at its peak, but also protect against brain disease and functional decline. When you provide your brain with the right vitamins, you're boosting your ability to focus and concentrate.
Natural Shilajit raises the immunity of the body to fight against external agents that are responsible for causing diseases in our body. Zinc and selenium both work to fight off free-radicals, which are the invaders that end up lowering immune function. Free radicals tax the immune system since they cause it to constantly fight off illness instead of protecting and energizing your body the way it prefers.
Natural Shilajit Contains Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, all of which are the most important nutrients for quality sleep. Not only does this synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals contribute to sleep, they also aid regulation of hormonal activity which can support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue during the day.
Natural Shilajit supports the movement of vitamins and minerals, mostly that of calcium (Ca), phosphorous (P), and magnesium (Mg) into muscles and bones to make them muscular and endurable.

Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. Iron for your blood, magnesium for your muscles, calcium for your bones, and an aggregation of many other elements in balanced trace amounts help to ensure the proper function of your body.

Natural Shilajit resin composed of plant remains and a large number of ionic minerals such as zinc and magnesium, as well as a range of vitamins. It provides the most natural source of Fulvic Acid – a compound found in the Humic structure of soil and plants that protects cells from oxidation.

What is
Natural Shilajit Resin?

A key mineral supplement of the Ayurveda (Ayurvedic medicine) is an complex system of curing that started in India thousands of years ago. Natural Shilajit is known as a panacea for its strengthening and rejuvenative qualities. Shilajit resin is beneficial on its own and also improves the potency and effectiveness of other herbs.

Natural Shilajit resin is an exudate that is pressed out from layers of rock in sacred Altai Mountains. It is a mineral deposit that is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains. When these components get pressed between layers of rocks for millions of years, they are converted into a black tar like substance.

Natural Shilajit contains loads of vitamins, minerals, and humic acid and fulvic acid, which are key components to a good cleanse since they remove heavy metals from the body.

Dr. Vasant Lad
One of the world's foremost experts in Ayurveda. He holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (B.A.M.S.), a Master of Ayurvedic Science (M.A.Sc.)

Natural Shilajit resin possesses great curative powers and is considered capable of treating many diseases, particularly those of the aging process.

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Earth's Purest
Gift for You:
Great product and great customer service too!

Even on my first day of using this product, I felt more clarity from brain fog and with less physical fatigue. It’s really effective. Customer service is also good. When I contacted the company to ask about the product and I got an immediate response and after only two hours, my order is already on the way. Really impressive.

The product’s packaging is impressive too. It is well-thought out presentation … real artistic look to the experience. Great product and great customer service too. I’ll surely stick to this product. Hope they continue making it.

One of the best gifts from Mother Nature.

As a yoga teacher, I always look for ways to extend my practice through different supplements and minerals to help me fight the battles in life. I first heard of Shilajit when I traveled to India and heard many miraculous tales about it. When I got back, I decided to purchase this Shilajit product because I heard this is the best product in the market.

On my first try, I already felt an increase in my sense of awareness, focus, and energy. After some few days, the jolt seemed to level off and now, a month later, I felt like a new person. My sleep is now good, my mind feels renewed and my muscles quickly recovers. This is truly one of the best gifts from Mother Nature.

At 40, it feels like I am in best shape both mentally and physically.

Just a year ago, I started taking natural shilajit resin and I can truly attest how it affects my life. Right now, I’m taking every two days and I noticed a huge difference in how this powerful herb and my body are in tune, something that I can’t attribute to anything but to the natural shilajit resin.

I felt rejuvenated when I started Shilajit and I noticed a great increase in energy, especially during long work hours. My diet has also improved and I don’t get sick too often. When I do, it does not last for many days. In general, I feel great and at 40, it feels like I am in best shape both mentally and physically.

Inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ever since I started taking Natural Shilajit, my ability to maintain a positive outlook has greatly improved. I am now more focused on my work and I feel an inner calmness and patience with others. I also make healthier choices for my body in food and thought.

With my new level of energy, I feel less worn during strenuous workouts. My chronic back pain isn’t bothersome anymore. This shilajit product really made me feel inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I start the day full of energy and yum.

I discovered Natural Shilajit about 3 months ago from a friend. I sampled just a very small amount and right after taking it, I noticed the taste wasn’t for me, but I couldn’t let go of how it energized it made me feel.

So I ordered the NutriHoney sticks, and I couldn’t start the day without it. In the morning, I start the day full of energy and then save another one as a snack before I work out. The Shilajit and honey used in this product is top quality, yummy and smooth. Overall, I am all praises for this product.

My entire family loves these shilajit sticks.

My entire family loves these shilajit sticks. I bought them because they are a handy, healthy way to have a nice energy boost before his basketball games.

My husband takes them to work too. They love this product and they’re much easier to carry around than a jar. These shilajit honey sticks are great for adding to yogurt, tea and keeping in your desk for an instant energy boost.

The best Shilajit experience.

I have used many shilajit products for more than 4 years. Some products are in powder or capsule forms. This brand caught my eye because of its Certificate of Analysis and Microbiology Lab Results. This is the first time I tried resin and after the wonderful effects I experienced, I will definitely continue using this product. I started using Natural Shilajit a month ago and it’s really the best Shilajit experience.

I no longer experience late afternoon drowsiness and I now have more quality sleep at night. Also, I’ve been able to endure more weights and higher reps when working out. This is really an amazing for a 50-year-old. The taste is not that pleasant, but I use an agave syrup to improve the taste.

5 Stars for this Shilajit product.

I’m so impressed with this product. When I received it, I appreciate the effort they put into the amazing packaging. It’s nice and has an artsy-craftsy look. I take with a cup of hot water. One thing I noticed is that I feel stronger both physically and mentally.

My job requires lots of walking and lifting and I noticed that doing it is a lot easier than before after 10 days of taking Shilajit. I feel like the rich minerals revive every living cell in my body. The quality of the shilajit is really outstanding and the jar is perfect for dispensing it. Overall, 5 stars for this Shilajit product.

Promotes healthy aging.
I am a certified believer of this product. Natural Shilajit promotes healthy aging by working as an antioxidant to protect the cells from damage. I feel more energetic and rejuvenated after using just a couple of times. I consider this as one of the best natural supplements I have ever used. It works simply amazing.

Every morning, I mix shilajit resin in warm water and drink it and wow, it instantly triggers massive energy and an overall feeling of wellness. I’ll definitely use this for the rest of my life. Hopefully, the manufacturer never stops producing this wonderful product. Highest recommendation!

There’s a well of strength inside me, boundless and spiritual.

It is my first time to trying shilajit. Before I ordered, I checked the website and it seemed reputable and good quality, with the Certificate of Analysis and Microbiology Lab results to back up its purity and organic claims. Right now, I have been taking it for almost a week and honestly, I was so surprised by the different subtle yet powerful effects I noticed.

Now, my need for caffeine slowly diminished and my sugar cravings are totally gone! It feels like there’s a well of strength inside me, boundless and spiritual. My energy level is more sustained, and I am also a bit sharper and brighter cognitively. Natural Shilajit is fantastic and supportive for my health.

Changes That Our Customers Notice:
Quality of Sleep+0%

* Individual Results May Vary. You are a unique individual. We can’t promise you’ll achieve the same results as the examples you’ve seen in photographs and videos on our website. Thank you for understanding.

Natural Shilajit Resin
100% Plant-Based Ionic Trace Minerals
  • Increases Stamina and Energy Level
  • Cleanse, Detox and Remove Toxins
  • 85+ Minerals, 66% Fulvic Acid, 10% Humic Acid
Main Benefits Of Natural Shilajit Resin:
Our Most Recent Certificate of Analysis
and Microbiology Lab Results

We test our Shilajit for safety at independent laboratories to ensure contaminants such as PCB’s, dioxins, furans and heavy metals are below California Proposition 65 and European Union defined limits.

Our Shilajit is below California Proposition 65 limits for safety which are the strictest limits in the world far stricter than Federal limits. To put this in perspective, fruits and vegetables are exempt from Proposition 65 because they cannot possibly pass. Our Shilajit is very safe.

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Earth's Purest
Gift for You:
Wonderful product for a master cleanse.

Wonderful product for a master cleanse. Both Shilajit and honey are superfoods that are oozing with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can detoxify your body from toxins and wastes.

What’s great is that it came in a nice no-mess stick so you can easily bring it wherever you go and add it to your smoothie or tea. This is a great product and I’ll definitely buy again.

Clear mind and pure energy.

I just received this Natural Shilajit last three weeks ago and I noticed that I had no cravings anymore. Also, I don’t have to drink even a single cup of coffee or energy drink, which is something that I normally take many times a day.

The effect on my mind and body is really amazing – clear mind and pure energy, definitely no crash. The taste is really unpleasant like any shilajit so I’m not bothered at all. Package arrived on time. When I opened it, this one is clearly the best compared to others, both in the packaging and quality of the product.

Shipping is really fast and the product is so effective.

Never tried Shilajit before but a friend sent me an article about it. After I read it and then watched thousands of Youtube videos, I narrowed down my choices and I picked Natural Shilajit. The shipping is really fast, and the product is so effective.

I noticed so many changes in my body, most especially my energy level. The box is very presentable and crafty-looking. The customer service is so amazing, no problems or delays answering my queries. The stuff inside is what I expected – pungent smell, tar appearance and earthy taste. I first tried a half pea-sized dose and I already felt a jolt in my energy level.

The most cost-effective Shilajit I’ve tried.

I’ve been using Natural Shilajit for more than 7 months now, but this is the only time I was able to give my feedback. For me, it is by far the most cost-effective Shilajit resin I’ve tried.

I have tried different Shilajit products, some came in capsule or liquid and all were completely useless. Natural Shilajit’s potency most likely comes from the fact that it’s in the purest form of resin. I am 55 years old and in just 6 months, my cholesterol level went down and my energy level increased. I was also struggling with anxiety and depression issues but now it’s gone. Honestly, it’s hard to put all my experiences into words. Overall, I am now feeling grounded along with emotional and mental clarity.

NutriHoney sticks are delicious!

If you are a Shilajit user, you will love this product that has honey in it. The taste is far better than the mineral alone, in fact, they are delicious.

Also, they’re easy to use or carry. An excellent value for your money. I always bring them wherever I go, and I can easily add them to any drink (except for soda, of course) when I’m out. I highly recommend this product.

I feel like I’m in my 20s!

This is already my 3rd order. I stick to this product because of its effect on me. After taking it, I feel like I’m in my 20s, feeling more energetic, brighter, radiant skin and overall happy. The purity and the amount of minerals this product contains shouldn’t be underestimated.

It has Certificate of Analysis and Microbiology lab results, so rest assured it’s pure, with no heavy metals and other contaminants. It only takes half a pea size a day for me to achieve the effect I need. The best is to dissolve it in warm water and drink it like the usual tea.

It helps me stay on track with my health goals

Natural Shilajit is a wonderful product, especially the quality. You will never be disappointed with the product. I have been using this for a month and I’ve never felt more energetic.

I am really amazed because I don’t have to drink coffee to jumpstart my energy level and I am now eating healthier foods – no sugar or sweet cravings anymore. It helps me stay on track with my health goals. I will continue using this product and enjoy more health benefits. The taste takes some getting used to. Overall, this is the real deal. I may even say the best. Don’t waste your money on others. This is an amazing, powerful product that is worth it.

Love the Honey Sticks!

Love the Honey Sticks! This is the perfect energy food to take before and after your exercise or workout. I like to add a stick to my protein smoothie and the taste is not too overpowering.

High-quality honey and shilajit in a durable tube is the perfect solution to a convenient pick-me-up. I always bring some sticks with me everywhere for an instant energy boost, biking, running and even studying.

The Purest Shilajit you can find in the market.

I heard many amazing things about Shilajit so I decided to give it a try. I researched and compared different products on the Internet for a week. I bought one from Amazon and the other one from Natural Shilajit website. I got so enticed by the number of lab results and the Certificate of Analysis, which proves the product’s purity and genuineness.

When all the orders arrived, I tested each brand for 2 weeks. After 2 months, I concluded that Natural Shilajit is my cup of tea, not just for the pricing but the quality and effect on me. Unlike the other one, I can feel the energy increasing within 30 minutes. I can feel the warm sensation and after two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my brain function, both in my focus and memory. Surely, the highest recommendation for this product.

Don’t just listen to me though, check it out for yourselves.
Putting this stuff in my coffee every morning has put me in such a better mood and I can tell right away how much more energized I am! Don’t just listen to me though, check it out for yourselves.
How to Take Natural Shilajit Resin?
  • 1. Take a Pea Sized Portion of Shilajit Resin (approx 0.5 gram)
  • 2. Dissolve in Warm Water, Tea or Coffee
  • 3. Enjoy the Delicious, Healing Drink

Natural Shilajit resin is in purest form and therefore has an earthy taste and smell. It is the most natural form of shilajit so it's semi solid and has a gooey appearance.

So it's important for you to know how to use it. Take the right amount, with spoon in the box so that it becomes easy for you to measure it.

To maximize absorption we suggest to take your dosage of shilajit resin on an empty stomach in the morning. There is approximately a 3-4 weeks period for the therapeutic effects to be noticed. Remember, consistency is the key in obtaining a healthy, fit, happy lifestyle.

Temperature or type of your drink does not affect the properties of shilajit. But it dissolves better in hot drinks. Remember, never boil the shilajit.

How Shilajit Resin Works?

Natural Shilajit resin is known as the “Destroyer Of Weaknesses”. It has various benefits and is used worldwide to cure almost everything.

This resin contains a number of nutrients like fulvic acid, humic acid, and many other trace elements. Fulvic acid acts as a carrier molecule to the bio active substances during different transport systems. Humic acid has been found to have a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

Scientists have also recently found traces of Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones in shilajit. Dibenzo alpha pyrones play an important role in restoring the normal functions of mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell), that helps it to produce more energy.

Shilajit also contains trace elements like iron, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese that also contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

NutriHoney (30 Sticks)
Shilajit Resin mixed with Raw Organic Honey
  • Each Stick contacins 0,5 gram of Shilajit
  • Dissolves 3 Times Faster
  • Never Dries Up

A one of a kind product, combines all the benefits of Natural Shilajit Resin and raw organic honey. It is the tastiest and the most convenient way to take the wonder Ayurvedic supplement Shilajit for energy, stamina, strength, vitamin and mineral absorption and more.

NutriHoney is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern convenience. All the necessary nutrients needed to enhance your quality of life that fit into a sweet & simple form of a honey stick.

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  • Increases Stamina and Energy Level
  • Cleanse, Detox and Remove Toxins
  • 85+ Minerals, 66% Fulvic Acid, 10% Humic Acid
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