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Shilajit Customers Reviews
Wonderful product for a master cleanse.

Wonderful product for a master cleanse. Both Shilajit and honey are superfoods that are oozing with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can detoxify your body from toxins and wastes.

What’s great is that it came in a nice no-mess stick so you can easily bring it wherever you go and add it to your smoothie or tea. This is a great product and I’ll definitely buy again.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
Clear mind and pure energy.

I just received this Natural Shilajit last three weeks ago and I noticed that I had no cravings anymore. Also, I don’t have to drink even a single cup of coffee or energy drink, which is something that I normally take many times a day.

The effect on my mind and body is really amazing – clear mind and pure energy, definitely no crash. The taste is really unpleasant like any shilajit so I’m not bothered at all. Package arrived on time. When I opened it, this one is clearly the best compared to others, both in the packaging and quality of the product.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
Shipping is really fast and the product is so effective.

Never tried Shilajit before but a friend sent me an article about it. After I read it and then watched thousands of Youtube videos, I narrowed down my choices and I picked Natural Shilajit. The shipping is really fast, and the product is so effective.

I noticed so many changes in my body, most especially my energy level. The box is very presentable and crafty-looking. The customer service is so amazing, no problems or delays answering my queries. The stuff inside is what I expected – pungent smell, tar appearance and earthy taste. I first tried a half pea-sized dose and I already felt a jolt in my energy level.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
The most cost-effective Shilajit I’ve tried.

I’ve been using Natural Shilajit for more than 7 months now, but this is the only time I was able to give my feedback. For me, it is by far the most cost-effective Shilajit resin I’ve tried.

I have tried different Shilajit products, some came in capsule or liquid and all were completely useless. Natural Shilajit’s potency most likely comes from the fact that it’s in the purest form of resin. I am 55 years old and in just 6 months, my cholesterol level went down and my energy level increased. I was also struggling with anxiety and depression issues but now it’s gone. Honestly, it’s hard to put all my experiences into words. Overall, I am now feeling grounded along with emotional and mental clarity.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
NutriHoney sticks are delicious!

If you are a Shilajit user, you will love this product that has honey in it. The taste is far better than the mineral alone, in fact, they are delicious.

Also, they’re easy to use or carry. An excellent value for your money. I always bring them wherever I go, and I can easily add them to any drink (except for soda, of course) when I’m out. I highly recommend this product.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
I feel like I’m in my 20s!

This is already my 3rd order. I stick to this product because of its effect on me. After taking it, I feel like I’m in my 20s, feeling more energetic, brighter, radiant skin and overall happy. The purity and the amount of minerals this product contains shouldn’t be underestimated.

It has Certificate of Analysis and Microbiology lab results, so rest assured it’s pure, with no heavy metals and other contaminants. It only takes half a pea size a day for me to achieve the effect I need. The best is to dissolve it in warm water and drink it like the usual tea.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
It helps me stay on track with my health goals

Natural Shilajit is a wonderful product, especially the quality. You will never be disappointed with the product. I have been using this for a month and I’ve never felt more energetic.

I am really amazed because I don’t have to drink coffee to jumpstart my energy level and I am now eating healthier foods – no sugar or sweet cravings anymore. It helps me stay on track with my health goals. I will continue using this product and enjoy more health benefits. The taste takes some getting used to. Overall, this is the real deal. I may even say the best. Don’t waste your money on others. This is an amazing, powerful product that is worth it.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
Love the Honey Sticks!

Love the Honey Sticks! This is the perfect energy food to take before and after your exercise or workout. I like to add a stick to my protein smoothie and the taste is not too overpowering.

High-quality honey and shilajit in a durable tube is the perfect solution to a convenient pick-me-up. I always bring some sticks with me everywhere for an instant energy boost, biking, running and even studying.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
The Purest Shilajit you can find in the market.

I heard many amazing things about Shilajit so I decided to give it a try. I researched and compared different products on the Internet for a week. I bought one from Amazon and the other one from Natural Shilajit website. I got so enticed by the number of lab results and the Certificate of Analysis, which proves the product’s purity and genuineness.

When all the orders arrived, I tested each brand for 2 weeks. After 2 months, I concluded that Natural Shilajit is my cup of tea, not just for the pricing but the quality and effect on me. Unlike the other one, I can feel the energy increasing within 30 minutes. I can feel the warm sensation and after two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my brain function, both in my focus and memory. Surely, the highest recommendation for this product.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
Don’t just listen to me though, check it out for yourselves.
Putting this stuff in my coffee every morning has put me in such a better mood and I can tell right away how much more energized I am! Don’t just listen to me though, check it out for yourselves.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
I have to share this honey stick with you.
The first two weeks of using Shilajit, I didn’t noticed any benefit on my energy level, my skin, not even my sleep. But things have changed after using it for 6 weeks now! Right now, I notice that solid, positive energy that remains for the entire day. The energy spike is very different from the energy you feel after a shot of espresso. Also, my mind is clearer, thoughts are positive and mood is generally not as negative as before. I’m more focused now. Honestly, I almost gave up with this mineral because it’s so pricey. But with the good things happening in my body, I’m willing to pay more for this.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
This is what I call a finger licking good substitute for sugar.
From my personal experience, Natural Shilajit is the best so far in terms of quality, texture and purity, not to mention the fast shipping and nice packaging. I use it with raw honey and extra virgin coconut oil to deal with the terrible taste. Right now, my energy level recovered and I no longer experience the usual fatigue. No problems with working out or training and my mood is generally good!
Shilajit Customers Reviews
The best so far in terms of quality, texture and purity.
Starting my Monday with a cup of coffee and my @nutrihoney. I recently started to add Nutri Honey to my coffee, it’s a mix of raw honey and natural shilajit. It gives you a lot of energy! It contains a lot of vitamins.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Shilajit changed my life and this is not a joke!
Turned out that you don’t need a long time to get rid of a bad habit. I used to take ☕“coffee naps” at least 3-4 times a week. First I discovered this tip while living and working long hours in New York.
Basically, when tired, you drink a double shot espresso and take 20 minutes nap. It helps only for a little while and all the given energy is gone and you only feel worse later. I was loosing by using this tip but couldn’t find an alternative🤷🏻‍♀️.
Once I started using Natural Shilajit and @nutrihoney I felt like all the lost energy was refilled. Now, I am taking “Shilajit naps“ and not even I feel great right after waking up but till the rest of the day and the next morning as well! How amazing is that?👌👌👌
Now all my friends know about this discovery.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
I am very satisfied.
This Shilajit brand is an effective supplement. I’ve been a supporter of natural healing for many years. I used different health supplements but this Shilajit has gone far beyond my expectations. Mixing this resin is very quick and as for my energy level, taking a rice grain-size twice a day helps keep my big body completely recharged throughout the day. Shilajit also keeps me focused with my job and I don’t experience brain fog. I am very satisfied and I’ll be ordering again when I finish the jar.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Shilajit boosts gut health.
Shilajit boosts gut health and contains tons of nutrients and minerals like fulvic acid. Major 🔑 to a good cleanse bc they remove heavy metals from the body. I’m so here for it.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
I will never trust another brand’
I am a very active person and now that I am growing old, I definitely notice the huge difference in my energy level during workout. Fortunately, a friend introduced this natural mineral and since then, there’s a big change in my training after incorporating Shilajit. I can now go harder and extend longer during my workouts. It’s a bit weird since the difference is very noticeable. I don’t need to take chemical stimulants to raise my energy but can cause harmful effects like insomnia and anxiety. In fact, Shilajit made my sleep more restful. I will never trust another brand.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
These sticks help increase your energy
Got to spend my 4th hiking with my favorite people and eating NutriHoney sticks because health ya know what I’m saying? These sticks are the tits because they help increase your energy (which is how I left my house at 4am to hike this mountain) they stabilize your mood (which is my fav because I’m moody AF), and they have loads of natural vitamins and minerals that keep me feeling like a god damn ray of sunshine. ☀️🇺🇸 Step up your honey game and go hike some 14ers my friends.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Love when you find a product like this!
Love when you find a product like this! It’s so important to make sure your body gets the nutrients and minerals it needs, and with just a small amount of these honey sticks you can quickly improve your energy levels and productivity! Check out @naturalshilajit to grab yours!
Shilajit Customers Reviews
سلاجيت، مملايى،
I dunno about you but as a student I know I need daily support for my energy⚡👽 memory 😏 mood and battling fatigue 🤓 intelligence, which are a few of Shilajit's benefits, it also helps support: 🔥 absorb vital nutrients 🔥 works Asian anti-aging agent 🔥 support heart health
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Shilajit is my best friend now.
I am a big fan of natural products. That’s why when I first heard about Shilajit I got very excited and decided to try it. It was the best decision ever👍🌱 It is very impressive that it has the Fulvic Acid in it’s most natural and purest form. I feel so energetic and happy! From now on it is my personal natural rejuvenator. It destroys weakness so fast that I even forget I felt so. I also noticed that my metabolism got much better and the general health as well. Shilajit is my best friend now.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
NutriHoney makes the body healthier.
I had been searching for something to detox my third eye, improve my memory and help with the aging process. It literally does everything I have been asking for 🙌 It makes the body stronger and healthier, it was used in traditional times to enhance spiritual power.✨ It contains fulvic acid which detoxes toxins and heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the system. - this will help with decalcifying the pineal gland.
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Tattoo and Shilajit
Tattoo ink contains heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and cadmium. So what does this mean for me? Will I stop getting tattoos now that I know this? F🙊ck no. Do people stop sky diving just because it dangerous? No. All this means for me is that I need to be mindful to cleanse my body of these heavy metals after each session. I've began incorporating @naturalshilajit products into my "recovery" routine after my sessions to make sure the heavy metals that give the ink it's permanence aren't polluting my body or being stored in my fat cells potentially causing long term side effects. One of the main active ingredients in Shilajit resin is Fulvic Acid which is highly effective at neutralising and detoxifying harmful toxins and pollutants including heavy metals such as lead and mercury. And all I have to do to keep my body healthy and strong is ad one of @naturalshilajit raw honey tubes to anyone of my favorite drinks 🤤❤ cheers to @naturalshilajit for helping me to be a healthier me!
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Amazing quality product!
Amazing quality product! I take this stuff multiple times daily and I feel like a full and complete person when I do. Whenever I feel like I lack energy or motivation, one stick of @NutriHoney puts me in a clear and wakeful state of mind. Thank you for dedicating your practice to good holistic herbs and helping others!
Shilajit Customers Reviews
My skin is feeling amazing!
So it’s been 6 weeks since I started taking @naturalshilajit . I feel stronger and have more energy. I am training like a beast and I finally cracked handstands 👏👏 Anyone who knows me knows I could not get out of bed for an early morning practice. It was a killer, when it came to sleep vs yoga no matter how much I love yoga, sleep always won 🤣 But for the last 3 weeks I’ve been getting up at 6 with ease - no more snooze button 🎉 granted if my 16 month old has woke me up 8 times a night then 100% I am hitting snooze. Teething is noooo fun 😱 My skin is feeling amazing my usual break out that I get once a month never came 🎉 and my hair has grown loads! When I had Isabella I lost the crown of hair all around my head. The straggles you can see in this picture show how much it has grown in the last 6 weeks compared to the last year 🎉 The anxiety I used to feel before teaching a lesson or doing hypnotherapy (yes I still suffered from this even after so long 😔) has just disappeared. I used to get a knot in my stomach for hours before but now I just feel calm and have this inner knowing that my higher self will be there for me. It always is. My favourite result has to be the difference in my meditations (this could also be the moon🌛) and in my physical practice I feel a clearer connection and more grounded
Shilajit Customers Reviews
This honey helps with detoxing
Loving my @naturalshilajit tea! Im always looking for a healthy supplement and this honey helps with detoxing the chemicals you ingest, while giving you energy! Best of all Its full of trace minerals and enzymes, plus the packaging is so cute! This is a must try!
Shilajit Customers Reviews
NutriHoney has made a big difference in my life.
NutriHoney has made a big difference in my life. I have more energy, my skin looks great, I sleep better and of course, my metabolism has increased so I have lost some unwanted weight. Great product! 👍
Shilajit Customers Reviews
My favorite way...
My favorite way to aprés beach, cafecito and a little #shilajit ☕ this raw honey mixed with a spike of nutrients increases energy and keeps your mood high, this plus vitamin sea = perfect beach day 🌊
Shilajit Customers Reviews
I've ended up falling in love with.
Decided to add something new to my morning routine recently. 🙌 In search of a little extra NATURAL energy I ordered @nutrihoney packed with @naturalshilajit which I've ended up falling in love with. 🤗💕 Not only do I feel the energy but it detoxifies my body and provides a noticeable about of change in my mental clarity; let's just say the good vibes are going strong lately! 💪
Shilajit Customers Reviews
I'm obsessed with NutriHoney
I'm obsessed with NutriHoney it tastes so good and it's super healthy ☝🏻which is important to me coz I like to take a good care of myself and my body - getting enough nutrients is vital for those who wants to look young and healthy🌱😉👍🏻
Shilajit Customers Reviews
NutriHoney has all the essential minerals your skin needs
The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health: Wrinkles, dry or oily skin, acne, and inflammation all are external reflections of poor internal health- usually stemming from a lack of essential minerals. For many years I struggled with skin issues, until I found a solution that actually worked! If you’re dealing with similar skin conditions, such as acne, you may want to consider to start taking NutriHoney, check @naturalshilajit, as it has all the essential minerals your skin needs: zinc, selenium, magnesium, silica and more! Check out @naturalshilajit, it really works ❤️
Shilajit Customers Reviews
NutriHoney works great as a detox for the organism
I will never forget how energetic I got when I first tried Shilajit. Ever since then I refuse to feel different and use it every morning now. The NutriHoney version made me fall in love with it from the first taste. It works great as a detox for the organism and it feels like my whole system is supported. My body just feels right 🙌 and it’s so important for me! If you are waiting for the sign to start using Shilajit, guys, I have to tell you - This is the sign! Don’t lose it, use it🙏
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Shilajit possesses great curative powers
Shilajit possesses great curative powers and is considered capable of treating many diseases, particularly those of the aging process.”- Dr. Vasant Lad. Want to know this Yogi’s secret to increased energy, increased flexibility, and mental clarity and focus? It is my duty, of course, to let everyone in on this life-changing secret because it is AMAZING! SECRET! All I do is pour one NutriHoney stick in my favorite herbal tea every morning and viola! I am ready to start my day on the right foot…or hand🤸🏻‍♀️
Shilajit Customers Reviews
Great product and great customer service too!

Even on my first day of using this product, I felt more clarity from brain fog and with less physical fatigue. It’s really effective. Customer service is also good. When I contacted the company to ask about the product and I got an immediate response and after only two hours, my order is already on the way. Really impressive.

The product’s packaging is impressive too. It is well-thought out presentation … real artistic look to the experience. Great product and great customer service too. I’ll surely stick to this product. Hope they continue making it.

Shilajit Customers Reviews
Mood stabilizer, energy enhancer
Yeah, I like my coffees in cups as big as my head ⌓ sweetened naturally with NutriHoney full of vitamins, a mood stabilizer, energy enhancer and the packaging is the perfect size - fits in my little clutch or the diaper bag because ya know, Mum life ♥️
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