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Hi, my name is Andrey Kono I am the founder of Healthy Nutrition Group LLC.

When I started this company back in December 2014, I never imagined that this hidden health gem from the mountains of my home country in Russia would turn into my life’s purpose. I never fathomed that this Ayurvedic product could turn into my passion for providing others with the active nutrients they need in order to live life at its fullest, healthiest, and happiest.

Originally from Russia, when I arrived in Los Angeles in 2011 I followed the same diet and exercise regimen I had been on for years: an diet packed with greens, fresh water, and lean protein. Within just a few months of arriving here my energy drastically diminished, my skin began to break out, and my emotions felt like a rollercoaster!

The next few weeks I dove head first into researching this mystery facing my body. What I found was startling: I was severely nutrient depleted. “How can this be? I am eating the same as I have been for over two decades? The only difference to be found was the new food supply I was eating from.

In the beginning years of creating the business, I was fueled by my strong desire to provide others with access to the healthy nutrients I believed in wholeheartedly.


This lead me to a deep investigation of our food here in the US compared to the rest of the world. Here are my startling findings:

  • Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows. This results in plants having 75% fewer micronutrients.
  • Most plants are not harvested fresh. They sit on trucks, shelves, and counters for weeks before being eaten. Over time, the nutrient content of these plants decreases.
  • Food in the USA is becoming less nutritious and it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain a full set of minerals and vitamins through the food we buy.

This realization led me to research solutions to this epidemic and I became determined to find the most effective supplement for our nutrient deficient country. With thorough research and investigation, I found the medicine for the job: Fulvic Acid from Russia’s - Natural Shilajit Resin. For more on this powerful mineral.

Through the natural benefits of Natural Shilajit resin, now my goal is to provide every family in the world with the ability to live their lives as healthy as possible.

 Now with my whole heart, I commit to sharing this gift with everyone and anyone committed to being in perfect health. It is our birthright after all! As my gift to you for your commitment, please enjoy 15% off discount on your next order - click here to get this offer (no code needed discount will apply automatically at the checkout).

That’s not all, in the future, through scientific evidence and my personal experience, you can expect to receive regular correspondence that will fast track your health and wellness goals. Straight to your inbox you will have access to life hacks such as why we are not at our healthiest, most energized selves as well as research to deepen our understanding on the current state of our nutritional environment.

I am so blessed to have you a part of this Shilajit family. Thank you for your commitment to your health and wellness. Please let me know how I can support you in any way.

With admiration,

Andre Kono

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