Shilajit Reviews

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shilajit reviews

Shilajit Review: Remington Donovan

Supplement Expert

Shilajit Reviews: I’ve tried a lot of other Shilajit’s and that is the first time I’ve taken one from the Altai Mountains and I have to say it responded amazingly well – increased vitality, my ability to work out, my stamina, I say really hydrated, I haven’t been at all sick. I actually gave it to my mother, who has a hip issue, she says it helps her a lot with the pain and her general energy level, feeling more vital.

Shilajit Review: Kat Rivera

Yoga Practitioner‎

Shilajit Review: I’ve been using Natural Shilajit for 4,5 months on recommendation of a friend and I was a sceptic, I thought I’ll give it a try, it’s very simple to use. I take it with my tea or put it under my tongue when I don’t have time to make tea. And I noticed the benefits, it effects my energy level. I like it because its easy, one little things last one month, I’m happy with this product, I need simplicity in my life.

shilajit reviews

shilajit reviews

Shilajit Review: Dr. Nick Berry

Holistic Pharmacologist‎

Shilajit Review: I’ve been using Shilajit for an approximately 1,5 years, found to be a very interested powerful natural medicine, it’s highly concentrated in natural compounds and extracted from the earth. Shilajit seems to really fill out the density inside of my bones and joints, I found it to be very stable, grounding and focusing simultaneously.

Shilajit Review: Joseph

Vegetarian, Free Spirit

 Shilajit Review: I love Shilajit because me as a vegetarian I believe that one way for us to help the planet is to stop eating meat because of the reprobation it has on the environment and the pain it causes to animals. I’m the vegetarian and one way I get the minerals that I feel like my body needs is by Shilajit, it’s one of the most nutrient dense substance I know, it’s a living food and I feel that it’s very good for my energy, strength.

shilajit reviews




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